The Daily Extends are posted every day (hence the name) during Extend cohorts. We’re including the original here in the Activity Bank as part of the Experimenter module activity.

Here’s Daily Extend #1:

We have chosen the verb extend as a metaphor for this project. What does it mean to you?

Sure, you can look up definitions, but for our first Daily exercise, we ask you to look around your home or office for an object that allows you to extend the capabilities of task or utility. Show it in a photo, share it in twitter as instructed below.

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to the top flickr photo by frankieleon shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


Example for "Do it Daily":

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7 Responses for this Activity

  • Passionate About Life Long Learning
    by Lynn Chartrand (@lynn_chartrand)

    Education and learning have always been a passion of mine.

  • Oext’x’
    by Pamela Koski Bryant (@BryantKoski)

  • Multi Purpose Hangers
    by Melanie Lefebvre (@ProfMelLefebvre)

    Playing around with extending

  • Extend from my Office
    by Sidney (@data_professor)

    Sitting in my office, looking at my clutter, I am trying to think what extend means to me. Without getting too philosophical, I think it’s the extension that happens outside of the classroom and carries on into the real world. Even though I try to model projects on real world problems using actual data, there more… »

  • Extending to Travel
    by Steven Secord (@stevensecord)

    My response to this activity was in the form of a tweet that shows how I use my “Westy” campervan to extend my travel in the summers so as to explore new areas, meet new people, and learn new things.

  • Experimenting with Daily Extend
    by Irene Stewart (@IrenequStewart)

    A few of the Dailies in a Twitter Moment.

  • Extending my Reach
    by Helen DeWaard (@hj_dewaard)

    Tools found in your home to extend something – I found two that do the same thing but in very different ways. These two tools extend my reach. Can you see how? Take a look to figure it out. Extend your thinking!

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