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For the purpose of this exercise, I have used Unsplash and Flickr, which I found to be two very good resources to find high-quality images that are also Creative Commons licensed. As a teacher of FSL, I enjoy using images to introduce new topics. For this class, I wanted to talk about what the cities of the future would look like. To accomplish this, I chose three images:

1) “Grey concrete building covered trees” by Danish Son on Unsplash :

2) “Person crossing on pedestrian lane” by Koukichi Takahashi on Unsplash :

3) “Curb cuts” by Mike Gifford on Flickr :

The first two images were really easy to find. I searched for “sustainable city” for the first one, and “cities of the future” for the second one. The third one was harder to find; most of the images on accessibility that I found using Google search were not Creative Commons licensed. So, I decided to search for “curb cuts” on Flickr, hoping that it would lead students to talk about universal design and how cities can be more accessible. This activity would be a great way to refresh on different vocabulary and a great conversation starter for a variety of topics, including cities, architecture, accessibility, and sustainability.

Example for "Consider this":

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