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I have been using Unsplash for quite awhile now to enhance slides and build online content in courses. This resource is so easy to use! Photos are beautiful and I have even contributed a few.

I went exploring for our next module on Financial functions, as the subject matter can be dry and it can be nice to add some spice to slides while teaching. Also, as most of my students are in business programs, as often as I can I will add where features can be used in a business setting, so a picture can certainly say a lot when teaching. I searched for spreadsheets, excel, data, computers, business in the search bar and so many images came up. I never realized however that you could create collections on your own and they could be public or private to you! I absolutely love this as you can curate your very own; I put together a collection called Excel Business that contains 10 photos I can now use for my slides coming up.

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