We have a collaborative Padlet and you are all invited to the population party.

Padlet is a great tool for curating your own course resources, personal interests, and more (learn more about Padlet in the Extend Toolkit) You can make it as private or public as you like and include any mode of material.

Our Curation as Creation | Creation as Curation padlet is geared to show off your newly minted curation skills.

Scroll to the far right and look for the Add New Column button. Title the column with your name and element or concept. Below it click the plus button (+) to add the OER that you chose as you explored the repositories.

Save a screenshot showing your column within the padlet, this is the evidence you can upload in your response to this activity.

This activity is part of the Spotlight on Repositories section of the Curator Module.

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63 Responses for this Activity

  • Curation Creation
    by Lori Hallahan (@lhallahan)

    Attached is a screenshot of my addition to Padlet.

  • Christopher’s Open Resources
    by Christopher Rowe (@ChristopherRowe)

    Here’s a link to my portion of the Padlet!  I hope somebody benefits from it. Christopher.

  • Amy’s Legislation OER’s
    by amy taylor (@amytaylor)

    I loved this idea.  Having a place to put resources is what I have been looking for. I wish that Padlet did not have the fee as this is something I would want several of.. I have since used it also as a collaboration tool regarding specific content.

  • Curating Hairloss OERs
    by Stephanie Jones (@Sjones)

    I transferred the OERs I found to be active into a pallet topic.  I’m interested to look further into this app for organization and sharing with colleagues

  • Process Capability Ratios
    by Maria Wesolowski (@mpweso)

    I used the Padlet site to upload my OER and exploration process.

  • Experiential learning and accessibility
    by Maria Laverde (@mlaverde)

    https://padlet.com/extend_ecampusontario/nis016u27mla How to create an inclusive practical experience for students. Finding ways to remove barriers to knowledge access and sharing.

  • Business Writing- Helping Student Engage In Their Own Learning
    by jessica srivastava (@Jessica)

    I am absolutely loving this module! I used an exercise found through the open library database and had the student complete the exercise https://pressbooks.bccampus.ca/businesscomms/chapter/good-and-bad-news-pre-activity/ in Zoom breakout rooms and then to upload 5 words to Mentimeter. Attached is the Menitimeter word cloud that resulted and lead to an excellent discussion. The students also felt that more… »

  • The Urinary System for Human Biology
    by Caryn Fahey (@cfahey)

    I used the Padlet site to upload my OER and exploration process!

  • Padlet Contribution
    by Elan Paulson (@Elan Paulson)

    A great idea inspired by our Fanshawe colleagues.

  • Welding Eye Protection
    by Elizabeth Stanley (@Penny123)

    Welding Personal Protective Equipment Objective – Classroom Discussion – Eye Protection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cr9bgLVOy-g YouTube video to introduce the importance of eye protection when welding.  This video will be used to introduce the topic and generate questions and discussion. Welding Searched Merlot.org and found a YouTube video on welding eye protection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cr9bgLVOy-g This will provide an excellent start more… »

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