We have a collaborative Padlet and you are all invited to the population party. Padlet is a great tool for curating your own course resources, personal interests, and more (learn more about Padlet in the Extend Toolkit) You can make it as private or public as you like and include any mode of material. Our Curation as Creation | Creation as Curation padlet is geared to show off your newly minted curation skills.

To do:

  1. Scroll to the far right and look for the Add New Column button.
  2. Title the column with your name and element or concept.
  3. Below it click the plus button (+) to add the OER that you chose as you explored the repositories.
  4. Save a screenshot showing your column within the padlet, this is the evidence you can upload in your response to this activity.
  5. After you make your submission, save the web address to your response (found in the green confirmation box) so you can use it later for your badge submission form.

This activity is part of the Spotlight on Repositories section of the Curator Module.

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129 Responses for this Activity

  • Curation Creation – Padlet
    by Joanna MacDougall (@Joanna MacDougall)

    This is the screen shot of the open resource I found and have added to the Curation Creation on Padlet. I like the collaborative feature of Padlet and have used it in my classes as well. I find my student have a lot of fun with it and find it relatively easy to use.

  • Padlet: Palliative Care OER
    by Miranda Mckenzie (@mx_mckenzie)

    Of the 3 OERs I found, I chose to share the open textbook: Nursing Care at the End of Life by Susan E. Lowey.

  • Activity – Padlet
    by David Schenk (@dschenk)

    “Curation Creation” Activity – Padlet Scroll to the far right and look for the Add New Column button. Title the column with your name and element or concept. Below it click the plus button (+) to add the OER that you chose as you explored the repositories. https://padlet.com/extend_ecampusontario/curation-as-creation-creation-as-curation-nis016u27mla  

  • Curation Creation : OER for FSL
    by Charlotte Delouche (@cdelouche)

    This is the screenshot of my Padlet submission. Padlet is a very useful, versatile and interesting tool for teaching FSL.

  • Curation Creation – OER for Philosophy
    by Andrew Molas (@amolas)

    I attached a link to the free open access book that students can use to understand ethics  

    by Cindy Cheung (@CCheung)

    Through the sCampus Ontario wedbsite, I was able to find an interactive activity on one of the body systems that I teach in microanatomy – the endocrine system where you match the hormones to its target tissue.  I think this template can also be copied and used for other similar exercises in different body systems more… »

  • Curation Creation
    by Ana Maria Peric (@anamaria.peric)

    Through the OASIS platform I found the most relevant information in my field. I can often find articles, or texts for the students, but I was looking for more interactive material. This is why I chose this particular resource, as it offers great ideas for interactive activities, that I will adapt for my specific needs.

  • Reviewing of Resources
    by Heather Melo (@Heather)

    Is there key information missing from the CRAAP test? I like the craap test; it provides relevant information into the currency, relevance, appropriateness, accuracy, and purpose of the item considered for use in your course content. The crap test does not provide a review of the accessibility of the resource; will all students be able more… »

  • Padlet – Privilege and Social Accountability
    by Lorinda Seward (@Lorinda)

    Expanding on the “Like driving a car” activity, I decided to focus this activity on the threshold concept of privilege and oppression.  My fellow student in this course, Rebecca Sullivan, shared a website that she helped create called UTHC Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum, which is stellar! Though my intention was to investigate privilege and oppression, more… »

  • Curation as Creation
    by Samir Stasi (@sstasi)

    According to RBC Asset Management, Responsible Investment (RI) continues to grow in importance for investors, advisors and communities. In fact, more than US$35.3 trillion was invested in RI around the world at the start of 2020. That’s a 15 per cent increase in two years. In Canada, RI rose 48 percent between 2018 and 2020. more… »

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