We have a collaborative Padlet and you are all invited to the population party.

Padlet is a great tool for curating your own course resources, personal interests, and more (learn more about Padlet in the Extend Toolkit) You can make it as private or public as you like and include any mode of material.

Our Curation as Creation | Creation as Curation padlet is geared to show off your newly minted curation skills.

Scroll to the far right and look for the Add New Column button. Title the column with your name and element or concept. Below it click the plus button (+) to add the OER that you chose as you explored the repositories.

Save a screenshot showing your column within the padlet, this is the evidence you can upload in your response to this activity.

This activity is part of the Spotlight on Repositories section of the Curator Module.

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After you complete this activity please share a link to it and a description so it can be added to the responses below. You can add it directly to this site.

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87 Responses for this Activity

  • Using games to learn
    by Angèle Gaudette (@angnails)

    This resource provides checklists, which are useful creating course content to integrate in the college’s LMS. They will be useful to ensure things like having all the boxes checked for accessibility and UDL. I am planning to use it to ensure that all of the content I create meets learner’s accessibility needs as well as more… »

  • Padlet
    by Cynthia Gordon (@cynthia.gordon)

    I enjoyed this resource

  • Curation Creation: Online Teaching and Learning
    by Ashley Priest (@APriestGC)

    I really like Padlet and this is a great way to use it!

  • Padlet
    by Carrie Mallon (@carriemallon)

    I actually use Padlet in a lot of my courses right now.  It’s a great way to collaborate as well as curate different resources for courses.

  • Curation as Creation – Patrick Hymus
    by Patrick Hymus (@phymus)

    In this activity, my goal was to identify OER resources related to Astronomy. I aimed to source resources in a variety of formats including audio, video, text, and games. My initial intent was to curate a set of Astronomy-related resources of interest to kids. As the Perseid meteor shower is just beginning, this will be more… »

  • Curation Creation
    by Brian Percheson (@bpercheson)

    Padlet is super great because it’s collaborative and I really enjoy learning from everyone else’s contributions. With me, I chose to use OASIS, which is really a referatory; that is, an index of sites that leads to a specifc site – a repository. Since I’m an Adult Education Instructor teaching a Computer Applications course, I more… »

  • Curation Creation Activity
    by Angie Covey (@acovey)

    Please see attached file. Thank you, Angie Covey

  • Curation Creation Activity
    by Rochelle Hughes (@Rochelle)

    Please see attached.

  • Curating OER for Active Listening
    by Jessica Joy (@jessica.joy)

    I’ve used Padlet several times in my courses, but continue to be impressed by the ways in which it can be used to create collaborative resources that grow “organically” and can have simultaneous niche (by topic) and broad (include many topics) perspectives, as we see with the Padlet for the Curator Module. The three OER’s more… »

  • Curation Creation
    by Diana Spear (@Diana S)

    File is posted – see the green column “Cool Activities”.

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