You find yourself motoring along through the Ontario Extend Teacher for Learning Module and you come across the first activity and think “Cool! I want to try it! What do I do? Write my response on a napkin? Send it to an LMS where no one can see it?”

Well, yes, you could. But a better approach is to create your work in a digital format (living on a web site or as some kind of media/document file). Then you can submit your work here along with some written reflections, all of which when published becomes a permanent web link that can be used as the evidence needed to submit to earn an Extend Badge.

But even better, by sharing it in the bank, it becomes part of our collaborative collection that can help the next Extender.

In the modules look for the “Take it to The Bank” links. Lo and behold, you’ll be here in the bank at a page for that activity, with the chance to add your own work to our legacy.

Next you simply click on the blue “Add Your Response” button to complete a form with not only your digital evidence (an external link or an uploaded image, audio, or document file) but a place to narrate and reflect on your work.

You can check-out the Ontario Extend Modules Activity Bank video for further instructions on how to register for and use the Activity Bank and apply for your badge.

“Fresh Start” flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license