Here you will experiment with H5P as a way to add interactive web elements to almost learning content hosted in WordPress or LMS platforms such as Canvas, Moodle, or Blackboard (these may require a plugin), or any other web site where you can add custom HTML code.

The name comes from the elements you create with it being published as HTML5, which can be played back in a web browser or mobile device without any special plugins.

If going through Ontario Extend you may have actually encountered two areas where these were used; you may not have even noticed that these were embedded web applications.

You can explore the wide range of content types available that can be built with H5P– take some time to see what they can do.

Here are some demo examples for the Agamatto content type which allows you to create a slider to transition between images, to show layers of meaning, multiple representations… maybe you can think of something to do with this?

If you are interested in trying this yourself see the H5P content author guide. Then you can start building your first app and host them for free on the H5P site, create a free account and start building in their Test Drive area (this is how we built the ones you see in the module). You may notice that when creating there, you have options to allow downloading, and it also includes a place to provide attribution for media used.

Use H5P to create an interactive activity for your class to review for a test or assess prior knowledge about a topic.

This activity is part of the Let’s Experiment section of the Curator Module.

Example for "Going Interactive With H5P":

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