Now we move into the phase where you will outline a research plan for an SoTL project in your area of interest.

You will be doing your work in a document that will be used for the remaining activities in this module, and eventually shared in a SoTL Research Plan Folder with the ones done by previous participants.

If you want to work in Google Docs, you make a copy of the  SoTL Research Plan template that is saved in your own Google account. When the copy is made, edit the file name to include your name. Or, if you prefer to edit in another format, you can view the document now and use the File -> Download menu to save it as a MS Word document.

  • Examine each of the practice resource links provided in the Considerations section of the Scholar Module and the UBC SoTL Explorer.
  • For more ideas in this step, review the planning documents in the SoTL Research Plan Folderby colleagues who completed this module.
  • Edit your SoTL Research Plan (Google Doc or MS Word) to describe your thinking about an area of research interest and a potential framework you are considering.
  • If you are using a Google Doc, click the Share button in the top right, then Get Sharable Link to find the web address for sharing your document as a response to this activity. If you are using MS Word, you can upload your file as a response to this activity.

This activity is part of the Considerations for your SoTL Project section of the Scholar Module.

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After you complete this activity please share a link to it and a description so it can be added to the responses below. You can add it directly to this site.

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Resources for this Activity

Have you created a helpful guide or do you know one that might help others complete this activity? You can share a resource if it is available at a public URL. .

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13 Responses for this Activity

  • SoTL remote Community of Practice
    by Elan Paulson (@Elan Paulson)

    Here is my first draft of the SoTL plan. It looks like there are additional items about ethics, etc., but they may happen later in this module so have left blank for now.

  • SFischer Refine SoTL Activity
    by Sarah Fischer (@sfischer)

    Responses for the Refine activity are noted with “SF (Considerations/Refine response)” within the Plan document.

  • Plan for SoTL project
    by Dorina Grossu (@dgrossu)

    I enjoy using the rich and powerful tools and methodologies to teach scientific research which is part of the course that I currently teach.

  • Plan for a SoTL Project – Vasudevan Padmanabhan

    After deep thinking and reflection I have detailed my “Plan for a SoTL Project”. I am eagerly looking forward to conducting this SoTL.

  • Scholar – Refine your SoTL Plan
    by Brian Nuttall (@bnuttall)

    Scholar – Refine your SoTL Plan

  • SoTL plan
    by Stephanie Müller (@smuller)

    Student efficacy is such an important part of their overall success. We have to find out the reasons for and solutions to making them more effective learners in class.

  • Diana Degan
    by Diana Degan (@dianadegan)

    Here is my SoTL Project Plan outline. This semester, Spring 2020,  is the first full semester being taught completely remotely due to COVID-19. There has been no face-to-face component. With the Winter semester, you had the opportunity to teach the majority of the semester in the classroom, getting to know your students, learning their faces more… »

  • A Plan for a SoTL Project
    by Lynn Chartrand (@lynn_chartrand)

    This blog post contains my ideas for a SoTL project. Please feel free to read.

  • My SOTL Plan for Group Work
    by Mel Young (@melyoung00)

    My full response to the Scholar module of OE.

  • Initial Idea
    by Melanie Lefebvre (@ProfMelLefebvre)

    I was tasked to consider an area of interest. Initially, I narrowed it down to increase classroom participation. Because I am teaching a program with many practical application aspects, it is important that students are regularly applying what they’ve learned before entering the field. Students however have expressed reservations about role-plays in front of the classroom. more… »

    4 Resources for this Activity

    • SoTL Explorer (UBC)
      shared by Alan Levine (@cogdogblog)

      “SoTL Explorer is a tool that allows instructors and administrators to identify trends and patterns in SoTL projects at UBC, and to identify related efforts as a project planning aid.”

    • SoTL Research Plan Folder (Ontario Extend)
      shared by Alan Levine (@cogdogblog)

      Our collection of shared research plans by people who have completed the Extend Scholar Module

    • SoTL Research Plan Template (Ontario Extend)
      shared by Alan Levine (@cogdogblog)

      Make a copy of the planning document that you can edit in your own Google Drive. At the end of the Scholar Module, you will share your plan back to the shared drive folder.

    • The Impact of Complex Presentations on Cognitive Load
      shared by Christopher Rowe (@ChristopherRowe)

      I’ve recently read an article about the impact that complex presentations have on learners’ cognitive load. I frequently use animation and multimedia in my presentations to encourage student engagement. Is it possible that while increasing engagement, I’m decreasing learning? I hope not!

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