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created by Brian Percheson (@bpercheson)

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I work and live in a small, rural First Nations community.  Thanks to social networking and PLN’s, I truly believe that our small Boot Camp group, where we exercise 30 minutes, 3x a week, can inspire our community to promote Diabetes Prevention Awareness.

In the mindmap attachment, diabetes prevention is truly a community-minded initiative, which is why the mindmap highlights: a) school, b) community, c) Chief and Council (our local government), d) Nursing Station (our health centre) and e) local businesses.

We traditionally have local gatherings in the band hall where everyone from the community gathers together to talk about these kinds of things.  I just think that social media just reinforces what the community talks about in our local gatherings.

So, if we start small, with our small group of Boot Camp members, keep posting consistently on social media like Instagram with our three themes: fitness, nutrition and wellness/sleep, word of mouth grows, the hashtag grows thanks to connected friends, and the community becomes more connected.

So really, this is about building and mapping our personal PLN.  Start small, be passionate, and the PLN will grow accordingly with common goals and interests with a sense of community and belonging.

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