Misunderstood concept

A response to the Misunderstood Activity
created by David Schenk (@dschenk)

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  1. Re-state your misunderstood concept and then identify
    • >> How to form team roles on a new team.  Many groups jump into roles they think they are best suited for.  expand on how you would explain your concept through an analogy. >> I suggest you take ‘Baby steps and crawl before you walk’.  Understand each other’s strengths and preference and then form roles from those qualities.  Think of what is best for team productivity and how to leverage each members skills.
  2. Explain the analogy in writing and include a visual metaphorical representation of this analogy
    • >>Take first steps (stages), then refine a final product.
    • https://bank.ecampusontario.ca/activity/misunderstood/


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