A response to the Mapping your PLN Activity
created by Jane Carr (@jscarr)

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This exercise was of great benefit!

I was surprised that I have so many areas of collaboration already BUT they are very focused.   Too focused.

I realized as I worked through this module,  the importance of expanding my Personal Learning Network beyond just the specific technologies that formulate our foundational teaching materials and approaches.    It is to be noted that I also spend a great deal of time doing the webinars offered by the Professional Organizations and businesses which I subscribe to but did not include in the actual mapping because there are so many of these activities which are too focused to really help in expanding the experiential knowledge that is needed to upgrade my program courses.

I found excellent value in doing the Collaboration Exercise of Mapping my PLN for freshening up the resources currently being used to teach our engineering students, who are very socially based in their own PLNs!


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