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After having worked through the content of this module, I realized that my personal learning network is likely to continue to evolve. I identified some current colleagues that help support me in my faculty role and have included my students as a large group in this regard. I often learn just as much from them as they do from me. My colleague connections are represented with a two way channel and we use various mechanisms to dialogue with one another (both in-person and virtually). Some of these individuals are more or less frequent connectors depending on the courses I am teaching and the projects I am involved in. Some serve different functions at different points in time, including mentorship. There are a number of organizations I follow and resources I access to keep my course content current and evidence-based. Accessing resources, reading blogs and discussion posts, participating in webinars, following specific journals, etc. are key aspects of the knowledge I seek out. I have also added a number of educational organizations that will be helpful to me in growing my teaching practice. I also aim to seek out new connections including relevant communities of practice, industry experts to follow and new training and development opportunities.

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