My Simulation PLN

A response to the Mapping your PLN Activity
created by Rachel Boorsma (@Rachel Boorsma)

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*I did not use last names on here as I don’t have permission from anyone to share their names

I made this PLN based on Simulations, as this is something that I spend a lot of time in during my support role, and am hoping to integrate into my teaching role. As I mapped people, I realized that they could be categorized into different groups. There are my direct team members who work in the same role as me, as well as external team members who are contracted to work with us – either from other institutions or from other companies. I also have others at my workplace who work in the simulation lab that I know I can go to if I need support. There are also faculty in my institution who have completed simulations in the past that I have worked with and/or can reach out to. Finally, there is a group that I am partnering with for a grant project about simulations, so I have external contacts through that too.

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