Nugget about Writing and Autobiographical Pedagogical Narration

A response to the Thought Vectors and Nuggets Activity
created by Simon Moll (@smoll)

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Patch 25: Write Your Life

The format of examining journal entries about one’s individual early life learning journeys is a key aspect of eliciting learner reflection on unstructured learning, and this ‘pre-writing’ practice can highlight memories, prior knowledge, transferrable skills, or challenge areas relevant to the present compositional task.

Revisiting the reflexive journal entries using psychological and/or pedagogical narrations enables the learners to write out the intersections between theory and their own lives. This intersection, and improving learner capacity to draw present value from their prior knowledge, is a useful area which can be repeatedly referred to across many learning tasks.

The attached prezi includes a flow that sources knowledge and knowledge production as not merely the exclusive terrain of the academy – but a quilt of discourse woven by knowledge traditions which precede Western academia.

Example for "Nugget about Writing and Autobiographical Pedagogical Narration":

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