PLN Map for Visuals, Sounds, and Storytelling

A response to the Mapping your PLN Activity
created by Elan Paulson (@Elan Paulson)

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This was an unexpectedly helpful activity in two ways. First, I was able to re-purpose my first Google drawing quite easily, which was a nice time saver. I will be mentioning this tool in my workshops.

Second, what I realized when I was doing the strong/weak tie analysis was that I had chosen almost all entirely weak ties. There was no individual person that I had selected to rely on to get me started and connected with others and other resources. So, the strong ties were actually the LAST folks that I added to my map, which makes the rest of the map seem a little more attainable and less overwhelming to connect with. If I focus on these 6 folks first, then maybe other unexpected and higher tie/higher reciprocity connections will result.

Thanks, Ontario Extend! 🙂

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