Reciprocal Mentoring as a Benefit to Co-teaching

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The passage that grabbed my attention was from Patch Eleven: What we Learned from Co-Teaching: …co-teaching a course (or even co-developing a workshop) with another person provides the best reciprocal mentoring: you get to think through your teaching with someone who fully understands your context and even your particular students.” Specifically, I found the concept of reciprocal mentoring as a benefit of co-teaching to be very insightful. The tangible or mechanical benefits of co-teaching, such as sharing planning, lecture time, and grading tasks can often overshadow the benefits to the teachers’ professional development through observation of and mentoring to/from their fellow co-teachers. I explored several ideas to make this concept meaningful and engaging, finally landing on a combination of the “nugget” itself, some key points, related resources and an illustration (an OER resource!) represented in graphical form (attached).


Example for "Reciprocal Mentoring as a Benefit to Co-teaching":

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