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Review The Faculty Patchbook, a robust collection of faculty authored overviews of specific pedagogical skills. Each entry is referred to as a “patch.”

Select one patch that resonates with you.

Select a passage from the patch that grabs you in some way and prepare to make that passage as meaningful as possible.

July 11, 2017


 “Pay no attention to that man (person) behind the curtain!” (quote from the Wizard of Oz)


While wayfinding principles can help students find their way to success, course instructors and designers need to open the curtain, reveal themselves, and show students how to be fully engaged and active participants within the learning spaces mapped out for them.

>> I have taught ~670 students with ~80% online (via zoom and D2L) at Conestoga College.   Since I teach Team Dynamics, we work in many ‘breakout groups’ on zoom, it is important to leverage all the features of zoom groups.   Being able to drop in and then use the ‘attendance’ feature of zoom will help engage students.  I find when you demonstrate to know the systems and can monitor student’s participation, student are more active and attentive.   Also using the chat and asking students for comments, many more reply (most of my students are engineering graduates from India – they are more comfortable and engaged with chat).   I also use Linkedin learning video’s (Vetter by our library) to breakup ‘heavy’ theory lectures.   For important assessments, I also record a video of ‘key points’ that students can watch over and over to avoid ‘question emails’.


David Schenk

Conestoga College Instructor

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