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by Klodiana Kolomitro, PhD, and Les MacKenzie, PhD, Queen’s University, spoke to me. The final thought of,

Mentoring doesn’t just end when the course is over. However, we can only hope that our learning facilitators find their ruby slippers and realize that the power ultimately resides within themself. Who knows, perhaps along the way together we can even help our students find their ruby slippers as well. As Dorothy reminds us: “Never give up, Ojo… No one knows what’s going to happen next.”

resonated with me very deeply. As a professor and in my full time role as a Team Manager for TELUS Health, mentorship and inspiring and promoting others to mentorship status is something that is built into my regular conversations. I am reminded of a feature article showcasing Suzanne Trusdale, VP of TELUS Small Business Solutions, on inspiring high performance at work. She suggests going beyond mentorship into trust and investment. Choosing to share your trust in someone and make them feel your belief in them is where the high-performance magic happens, (Suzanne Trusdale,, pg.50)

Ted Lasso shares in this same belief from a coaching aspect (which any good coach will argue a coach is a mentor!)  Players, employees, students, need to believe in themselves, and they need to feel that we believe in them, which creates that confidence, that self efficacy, that they have the power to find their own ruby slippers.

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