Search for an openly licensed image using different search strategies and sites that you can use in one of your courses.

You might consider using:

To Do:

In your response,

    1. Link to the image that you have found, citing the source, creator, and license.
    2. Describe how your selection would support learners’ understanding of an element or concept for a course.
    3. Summarize your search strategy (use of keywords, boolean search operators).
    4. Does this image incorporate diversity and inclusion?
    5. Submit your image and response to the Consider This activity.
    6. After you make your submission, save the web address to your response (found in the green confirmation box) so you can use it later for your badge submission form.

This activity is part of the Spotlight on Repositories section of the Curator Module.

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172 Responses for this Activity

  • Consider This for an Accounting course
    by Tatiana Sharipova (@note2tatiana)

    Since accounting is viewed as a strictly practical discipline, I was looking for an image that would be reflecting and sensitive to the diversity, equity, and inclusion withing this field. I think this image represents the idea that the more diverse clients and colleagues in your sphere, the more creative and innovative you can be. more… »

  • Consider This Activity
    by Mark Shannelly (@mshannelly)

    This photo is one that I actually use! The image was found on the CC Search Portal, but redirected to Flickr. It is flagged as CC Attribution 2.0, so I have to credit the author (poster, in this case.) This is a photo of the instruction manual for the SNES game F-Zero. There is a more… »

  • Consider This Activity
    by Mary Chaktsiris (@mchaktsi)

    I chose this image to represent innovative teaching methods. Image:

  • Consider This AND Advocate for More!
    by Stephanie Ferguson (@stpark)

    The Disabled And Here collection is published under Creative Commons attribution licensing, which means you can use, share, and adapt the images for free with appropriate credit. Photos should be attributed to Disabled And Here. When possible, please link back to the Disabled And Here project page. This photo was taken by Chona Kasinger. In the fall, I will be more… »

  • Spotlight on Repositories: Open License Images
    by Victoria Jackson (@victoriaj)

    I found the image “A Crow Flying With an Egg in its Mouth!” by USFWS Mountain Prairie on ( The image has a “Credit the Creator” license, CC BY 2.0. I found this by searching: (crow OR crows) AND flying I specifically looked for an image that might be easy to find for someone more… »

  • Nappy Studio
    by Brandon Sabourin (@bsabou01)

    A colleague of min recently shared a photo site called Nappy that was created out of a need for more photos representing diversity. When I was an instructional designer, I appreciate having a site that is more targeted than other sites like Unsplash and Pexels. I chose a photo by searching “college student”. <img src=”″>

  • Consider This
    by Ramandeep Kaur (@Raman)

    I searched for the keyword Math.

  • Screenshot of a sample podcast script
    by Jen Booth (@jen.booth)

    The simple screenshot that I found from wikimedia commons will support students who wish to create a podcast (rather than an essay) and help to balance out the excessive amount of “essay” focused examples that I have.

  • Board game culture for pop culture class
    by Monica Flegel (@mflegel)

    For my popular culture class, I have a section on gaming. I discuss the structure of games, but also the social/cultural context. Images like those found in Wikimedia are useful for helping students think through how gaming operates as a subculture, but also how it is constructed in popular culture (contrasting this image, of a more… »

  • Creative Commons Image
    by Adam Langridge (@alangridge)

    I selected an image of an artificial neural network to be used in a Powerpoint slide on artificial intelligence.

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    Creative Commons License
    This work by Ontario Extend is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

    One Response to “Consider This”

    1. Erin Wilson

      I chose this image as it is captured in a hotel but the main focus is on the fun and diversity within the image. This image is relatable an appealing to students. This image was located through Pixabay and has a PIxabay License agreement of “Free for commercial use, no attribution required”. The image was produced by gracini studios
      Image by Gracini Studios from Pixabay


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