A personal learning network, although often emergent and continually developing, does not just happen. It requires cultivation. To begin your thinking on how to cultivate your PLN, read Howard Rheingold’s Advice on Building a PLN.

  • Find a professional group or individuals who align with your professional interests. Start by reviewing the Twitter EdChat calendar and Inside Higher Ed’s Twitter Directory. Find the virtual places that feel most comfortable and sustainable for you. Go where your people are, be strategic, and take your cues from people in your network. For example, if you notice at a conference that several presenters are posting their Twitter account names, then Twitter is likely the place where others will be found. Or perhaps the common gathering place for your discipline is something other than Twitter, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or a Slack.See also the Twitter list of people and organizations related to Ontario Extend for possible accounts to follow.
  • Represent new additions to your PLN. Now, using the Extend Toolkit find a creative visual way to showcase/illustrate which professional group aligns most to your professional interests.

This activity is part of the Cultivate Your PLN section of the Collaborator Module.

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33 Responses for this Activity

  • PLN Network
    by Bert Slessor (@BS)

    I picked four specific groups/resources that I have used for professional development and to gain some alternative approaches to my teaching practice.  The first is the OCT website on LinkedIn; I found it was/is a great space to connect with other professional whom I work with, and those I do not know but would like more… »

  • Cultivating PLN on Twitter, and I didn’t even know it!
    by Michelle Laurence (@Michelle Laurence)

    As the winter term wraps up, I am just not ready to put it to bed yet. So I looked more closely at the Twitter groups, individuals and institutions I follow in the Teaching and Learning world to see who wanted to chat. I landed on Tweets by FOTC2021 More specifically, the registration page 202 more… »

  • Starting on Twitter – Cultivating my PLN
    by jessica srivastava (@Jessica)

    I am pretty new to Twitter and decided to set up a “professional” account for the sole purpose of developing a PLN. I have found this exercise useful and enlightening and am already making some great connections.

  • Amy’s PLN
    by amy taylor (@amytaylor)

    I have decided to use a mindmap to organize my PLN.  For one particular course (LAWS), there are multiple areas that i need to remain connected to be able to provide the most accurate information.  So I subscribe to various Ontario newsletters to ensure I am staying current, but I have also included the several more… »

  • Cultivating my PLN
    by Tracey Chase (@traceychase)

    My PLN is made up of Twitter, Microsoft Teams (Conestoga led groups) and professional development.  My network could be expanded and will be a goal for 2021.  I attend many workshops held through Teaching and Learning.  The workshops share latest best practices and promotes collaboration with other instructors.

  • Cultivate PLN Activity
    by Radica Bissoondial (@rbissoondial)

    In reflecting on the requirement of this task, I maintained my focus on enhancing the programs commitment to community collaboration development. The creation of a Twitter account allowed the ability to follow key industry stakeholders as well as professionals and experts. Previous professional social media account was LinkedIn. An area that is consistent with community more… »

  • Cultivating my Personal Learning Network
    by Sheeba (@svilakkathusaidu)

    I think, personal learning network will emerge only after sufficient exploration to various networks. This module (Collaboration) gave me an opportunity to engage with a new social media network- Twitter.  I have created a Twitter account after kick-off this module and started using it. I followed Ontario Extend and Fanshawe College. I will be developing more… »

  • Cultivate my PLN
    by Sherry Parker (@sparker)

    This exercise allowed me to broaden my connections on Twitter in areas of 3M (employer), Education and Volunteer.  I realize there is so much information available to me with a multitude of more connections !  Although I am an avid Linked-in participant, I have primarily focused on 3M related connections.  Twitter and @OntarioExtend have given more… »

  • Cultivating my Personal Learning Network
    by Mona Brennan-Coles (@MonaBC)

    This was an interesting activity for me.  I have had a Personal Learning Network (PLN) as long as I can remember – with a lot of help from my friends rather than the Beatles “With A Little Help From My Friends – but never with the digital focus that I am cultivating.  This was a more… »

  • Cultivating My PLN
    by Gary Danner (@gdanner)

    Attached is the start of my PLN network. While I previously had a Twitter account, I never made use of it. This Collaborator module has really encouraged me to learn and explore more about Twitter. This PLN diagram has the beginning of people/organizations I will be following on Twitter. I will definitely continue to build more… »

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    • Baby Network
      shared by Christopher Rowe (@ChristopherRowe)

      I’m just getting started of developing my personal learning network. Actively pursuing this hasn’t been a priority for me in the past, but as I’ve begun to engage in the instructional design and ed tech industry, I see that it’s becoming increasingly important.

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