It is now time to reflect on what you have accomplished through your experimentation efforts in this module.

To do:

Prepare a detailed written reflection that includes responses to the questions below.

  1. Which three experimenter activities did you choose to complete and why? Include the links to your Activity Bank responses.
  2. Identify and explain three overall lessons learned from experimenting with these three activities. How might you use these activities going forward in your teaching practice?
  3. You were asked to complete at least one experimenter activity on a tablet or a smartphone.
    • Identify the activity completed and on what type of mobile device?
    • Identify and explain the advantages and challenges of using this technology tool on a mobile device.
    • Comment on how you might plan for an upcoming assignment to be completed on a tablet or a smartphone.
    • Explain the steps you might take in making access to these devices available to all students.
  4. Using a mobile device, camera, or screencasting software highlighted in the Online lecture toolkit to create a short 2-3 minute video of yourself illustrating how, when designing learning experiences in the future, you will use the technologies, ideas, formats, and/or approaches that you experimented with in this module.
    • Include an example of how you would incorporate this new knowledge into a lesson plan. Get as creative as you wish!
    • Upload your video to YouTube , Vimeo , or any other video hosting site that can create a public link to your video (or keep it private/unlisted if you like).
    • Include the link for your video in your reflection document.
  5. After you make your submission, save the web address to your response (found in the green confirmation box) so you can use it later for your badge submission form. 

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72 Responses for this Activity

  • I am an Experimenter!
    by Heather Melo (@Heather)

    Which three experimenter activities did you choose to complete and why? Include the links to your Activity Bank responses. I choose to create the peer survey on technology use. I do like using surveys in class. I often use surveys to support an anonymous classroom check-in. I created a check-in tool as well! I had never more… »

  • Reflections of an Experimenter
    by Lorinda Seward (@Lorinda)

    The three experimenter activities I chose were: I chose Get Silly with Animated GIF’s ( ask-me/ ) Survey’s and Polls ( information/ ) Infographics (   I chose these activities for two reasons; first they were the items I felt I had the least experience with which gave me an opportunity to learn new skills more… »

  • Experimenter – I am an Experimenter
    by Claudio Righetto (@crighetto)

    It was great trying different formats to publish a course content. I need to confess that I am not friendly to recording my videos, I never like the result. This is the summary for this activity I need to keep working on it. Opens in new window PDF Download Word Download Excel Download PowerPoint more… »

  • I’m an experimenter reflection
    by Kendra Allen (@Kendra)

    The 3 activities I completed where: Get Silly with Animated GIFS – I used my mobile phone to complete this activity and create a gif to demonstrate the importance of being on time, submitting work on time and knowing/meeting deadlines. Surveys and Polls – Surveying with Socrative – I created a quiz for my fellow more… »

  • I’m an Experimenter!
    by Farah Shafie (@fnshafie)

    Hello, Please see attached link for the response to the “I’m an Experimenter” module/activities.

  • I’m an Experimenter: Gitanjali’s submission
    by Gitanjali Shanbhag (@gshanbhag)

    Q1. Which three experimenter activities did you choose to complete and why? Include the links to your Activity Bank responses. I chose: H5P to create a Quiz because my institute allows H5P plugins in our LMS and I had never tried this out. This was my opportunity to try it out and create something in more… »

  • Sarah’s Reflection: Three New Apps
    by Sarah Darling (@SDarling)

    Reflection: I’m an Experimenter! 1. Activities I chose A Quizlet with frequency expressions. In a listening class I teach, students are often required to recognize and use new academic vocabulary. Quizlet seems like a good way to practice new terms because it demands increasing competence from the students in terms of their ability to use more… »

  • I’m an Experimenter!
    by Rebecca Sullivan (@rsulli4)

    See link to the word document for the tools I explored in this module.

  • I’m and Experimenter
    by Lori Martin (@LMartin)

    Please see the link for my thoughts.

  • Experimenter Final Activity Reflection
    by Pamela LeBrun (@PamLeBrun)

    Please review the Word doc attached for responses to the final activity and the video link. Thanks, Pam

    4 Resources for this Activity

    • 9 Insider Tips for Creating a Killer Explainer Video (Neil Patel)
      shared by Alan Levine (

      While aimed at business promotions, this post provides helpful pointers for creating effective “explainer” videos (and it starts with a well written script).

    • Create Free Explainer Videos with Adobe Spark (Adobe)
      shared by Alan Levine (

      “Make custom explainer videos in minutes… A user-friendly interface allows you to create engaging explainer videos without design skills.”

    • Summary of Experimentation
      shared by Christopher Rowe (@ChristopherRowe)

      I enjoyed working my way through the experimenter module. As I mention in reflection video, it was a treat to use these tools from the content creator perspective… even though I’ve used many of them from a student’s perspective. I hope you enjoy going to through my work.

    • The Experimenter Module (I am an Experimenter)
      shared by Jane Carr (@jscarr)

      Working through the Experimenter module proved to be fun! As you can see in my little video: , it was important that I take the time to learn about these tools and the associated techniques. It was so cool to try out the new tools but not everything is a good fit for my more… »

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    2 Responses to “I’m an Experimenter!”

    1. Kendra Allen

      I really enjoyed this. I have seen quizlet but didn’t know about all the other assessment options. I didn’t know about google street view either and your assignment idea of showcasing a city they love is great. I can see that being so engaging and seeing students passion in an assignment.
      I also tried Giphy for the first time and it was fun.
      Good luck!



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