Quizlet began as one learner’s method to improve their learning by creating online vocabulary quizzes and has grown to be a platform for creating sets of practice exercises for any discipline.

Interaction types include content review, flashcards, matching games, spelling and more learning tools. Quizlet Live is a platform for producing in class interactive activities.

A good starting point is exploring existing content created by other educators, organized by subject. Then, when you have an idea of what kind of activities you want to experiment with, create a free account and then make you first Quizlet set.

This activity is part of the Let’s Experiment section of the Experimenter Module.

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3 Responses for this Activity

  • Test on how to create a research poster
    by Dorina Grossu (@dgrossu)

    I created a short quiz by using the Quizlet that would help students to follow the steps when creating a research poster.

  • SFischer Experimenter Quizlet
    by Sarah Fischer (@sfischer)

    For an Effective Writing (Business Communications) class I teach, one of the key challenges learners experience is searching for the perfect word to convey their meaning and, as a result, over-complicating their writing. This is a sample of a quizlet vocab set to help learners gain an understanding of plain language synonyms. Exciting!

  • Quizlet class set
    by Stephanie Müller (@smuller)

    I have a class set of quizlet activities to help students review, study practise current and past learning outcomes

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