Reflective practice is a key component of SoTL activity.  Often, it is the reflections that practitioners make on their work that become the stimuli for their research ideas.

In this latter phase of your planning process you should reflect on the process so far as you plan for the ways your project will be published and shared.

Before you present or publish your own SoTL research, take the time to examine and learn from what others have done. As an example, we look at a project from Simon Fraser University.

The SoTL research involved professors in the Mathematics Department along with professional staff from the Centre for Teaching and Learning. The team produced a number of videos and mounted them on a YouTube video channel as an advance organizer for large-enrollment, first-year calculus classes. The videos were designed to serve as self-study teaching materials for a flipped classroom teaching model that the researchers implemented. They conducted research, produced presentations using PowerPoint slides, and published and disseminated papers on the SoTL study.

  • Have a good look at each of the SoTL research outputs from the SFU Math project— especially the demonstrations of scholarship—from the SFU SoTL study. Reflect on your own project planning and think ahead to how you might share your results
  • Update the last section of your SoTL research plan with a dissemination strategy for making public the key findings of your research study. Use the document (a copy of the template as a Google Doc or downloaded MS Word file) created in the Refine Your SoTL activity and modified in the Design Your SoTL Project activity.
  • If you are using a Google Doc, click the Share button in the top right, then Get Sharable Link to find the web address for sharing your document for others to view. Use this address when you add your response to this activity or upload the current version of your MS Word document version.

This activity is part of the Publishing and/or Presenting Your SoTL Research section of the Scholar Module.

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19 Responses for this Activity

  • Reflecting for Disseminating Your SoTL
    by Radica Bissoondial (@rbissoondial)

    With my plan, disseminating my outcomes plan is via internal and external modality. The primary internal will be at program and school focused platform (program meetings and curriculum sessions). This process is best as it will target and allow colleagues to be part of the collaboration and inquiry. However, in reflecting on my plan for more… »

  • Disseminate results or experience
    by amy taylor (@amytaylor)

    As mentioned in my three keys, reflection is a important piece.  I think this fits suitably here as I initially was thinking that I would share with my team the positive outcomes.  Now reflecting on my keys, I think it would be important to also share the process, intention and the outcomes.  I think regardless more… »

  • Dissemination of the SoTL project
    by Valerie Watts (@vwatts)

    I took the standard approach to disseminating research:  conference presentations and journal articles.

  • Reflecting for Disseminating Your SoTL Project
    by Gary Danner (@gdanner)

    My response for this activity is in the attached PDF in green font

  • Reflecting for Disseminating my SoTL Plan
    by Mona Abou Taka (@maboutaka)

    I have added my final reflection to the bottom of the document in red font colour.

  • SoTL Draft with Dissemination
    by Katrina Keefer (@Katrina.Keefer)

    I have now added some further reflections on dissemination of my research, including thoughts around publication. New additions are in dark blue.

  • Engaging Students with APA
    by jessica srivastava (@Jessica)

    I would probably start with developing a OER using Pressbook with H5p but have included other options in the attached.

  • Reflecting for Disseminating my SoTL Plan
    by Alissa Bigelow (@alissabigelow)

    I think I did this part during the planning phase as it was part of the initial table and is included in my draft plan.

  • Disseminating : Social Presence Plan
    by Shauna Roch (@sroch)

    I ended up using Elan Paulson’s model where she colour-coded the different deliverables. Please see my attached document with the following legend: Black font – Round 1 – Design and refine Red font – Round 2 – Research design Purple font – Round 3- Ethics Blue font – Round 3 – Presenting Green font – more… »

  • Reflecting
    by Kim Wilmink (@KWilmink)

    This part of the plan really resonated with me, as typically when I try to implement new strategies into my teaching and they are successful, I incorporate into my course plan.  I don’t often share my results with anyone, and certainly not in a formal way.

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