Mind mapping has been found to be an effective means of helping students organize new learning while reinforcing previous learning and improving information retrieval.

Keep in mind that mind maps are not just good for students, they are great for teachers too. When planning your course, you could use a mind map to decide what content to include and how they are connected. You could then share it with your students so they can get an overview of how you see your course fitting together. Using mind maps to outline your course syllabus not only models how to organize information but also adheres to the universal design principles of conveying information in multiple modes, according to Biktimirov & Nilson, 2006 in Show Them the Money: Using Mind Mapping in the Introductory Finance Course.

Using MindMup or another visual organizer tool in the Extend Toolkit, create a concept map of your course syllabus.


This activity is part of the Organize Knowledge section of the Teacher for Learning Module.

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139 Responses for this Activity

  • Syllabus Concept Map
    by Gitanjali Shanbhag (@gshanbhag)


  • Moodle Map
    by Marc Anderson (@Marc Anderson)

    I used Mindmup to create a mind map of Moodle. It really adds a different dimension to learning and I can see this map being further enhanced for easier learning by faculty.  

  • Syllabus concept map
    by Wendy Tseng (@wtseng.tw)


  • Hydrology map
    by Jenny Hill (@Jenny Hill)

    I made this map last year using Powerpoint. Although circumstances change from year to year, it helps me to ensure that the learning outcomes are all being met, and in an appropriate order each time I deliver the course.  

  • Project Management Skill Set
    by John Colling (@johncolling)

    Using app.mindmup.com/, I have created a mind map detailing the essential skill set that an experienced Project Management requires.

  • Constuctivist Curriculum
    by Erin Cameron (@Erin Cameron)

    This format would be really helpful to many learners. Often the path and connection within a course are clear in my head, but that isn’t always the case for the students in the class.  Mind maps are not something I do very often and thought that this would be difficult. !. To learn the technology more… »

  • Semester 1 psychology
    by Lynne Kennette (@LynneKennette)

    I know this is beneficial for some students, but for some, it might also be more convoluted. Like me, many students might prefer a more linear representation. To this end, I provide both a linear timeline of the course as well as a map-like representation (which the textbook provider provides, and I just add the more… »

  • Mind map for course, “Preparation for Placement”
    by Victoria Workman (@Victoria Workman)

    I have created a mind map for the course, “Preparation for Placement”.  Included in the mind map are the course learning outcomes and key related activities.  Colour coding is used for ease of organization:  yellow cells refer to the LO’s, red text shows the assessments and a primary resource is shown as pink (online HUB).  more… »

  • Syllabus Concept Map_ Advanced Wireless Security
    by Priyanka Sharma (@priyanka.sharma)

    Syllabus Concept Map_ Advanced Wireless Security

  • Course Concept Map – Performance Enhancement
    by Geith Maal-Bared (@geith.maal.bared)

    This is a concept map for the first half of an undergraduate neuroscience course I am currently teaching.

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