Everybody involved in teaching has questions about the success of their practice. We deal with some of the questions informally all the time. In other cases, we seek to formalize our enquiry by doing research, and that is what the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is about.

This video features several educators defining SoTL in the context of their own professional practice.

The educators in this video above express multiple experiences about SoTL. Think about which of the experiences are similar to your own.

  • From this video, identify three key characteristics of SoTL that resonate with your professional experience and practice.
  • Open our editable Keys of SoTL Google Doc and add your name and three keys to the bottom of the document.
  • Compare your SoTL keys to ones listed by your colleagues. Use the Google Docs feature to add a comment to other responses that strongly align with yours.

Take a screenshot of your contribution to share as an uploaded evidence for your response to this activity. Copy your keys as well in your response and include any additional ideas you gain from the ones that your colleagues identified.

This activity is part of the What is the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL)? section of the Scholar Module.

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52 Responses for this Activity

  • Three Key Message
    by Sheryl Third (@Sheryl)

    Three key messages: This practice resonates with my teaching focus in the program I teach. I teach 2 courses essentially on being a Reflective Practitioner. Intentional Pedagogy- why am I doing what I am doing? Inquiry as a disposition of scholarly teaching Creating an intentional reflective practice as a continuous improvement strategy Three Motivations: Continual more… »

  • 3 Keys & Motivations of SoTL
    by Elizabeth Stanley (@Penny123)

    The three key characteristics of SoTL that resonate with my own experience and practice especially as I am an engineer teaching graduate engineers were the steps in an experimental approach.  The first premise is that when we are teaching we are engaged in an experiment.  The hypothesis is that the syllabus has the right material more… »

  • Scholarship for Teaching and Learning – Three Keys and Motivations
    by Wesley Butler (@wbutler925)

    I gained great insight on scholarship for teaching and learning. I’m learning the importance of asking students questions, so educators can adjust course deliveries and lesson plans based on their needs and preferences.

  • Three Keys to SoTL
    by Karen Burns (@karen.burns)

    Please find attached my Three Keys to SoTL

  • Three Keys of SoTL
    by Haley Whitelaw (@hwhitelaw)

    Image files attached which are screenshots from the google doc as instructed. I have attempted to add 2 files, one of my contribution and one of my response to another’s post. I’m not sure that I can upload 2.

  • 3 Keys of SoTL
    by Ardel Johnston (@ardel.johnston)

    Find attached the 3 keys of SoTL and motivations screenshot.

  • Energized by the SoTL community
    by Julie White (@JulieSLC)

    I really appreciated the diversity of voices in this video which helped illustrate the differing ways that we can connect as professionals, with SoTL. My top 3 key characteristics/motivations include: That SoTL comes from asking interesting questions that come directly from our experiences teaching or challenges our students have with learning or a combination of more… »

  • SoTL – Key Points & Motivations
    by Diana Spear (@Diana S)

    3 SoTL Key Characteristics. Empathizing with students to create inquiries into how to improve their learning experience. Reflecting on successes and failures to assess how well something is working. Redesigning teaching based on 1 and 2 above. 3 SoTL Motivations. Improving student understanding and success. The feeling that I’m doing my best. More opportunities to more… »

  • 3 keys of SoTL
    by Jane Carr (@jscarr)

    July 7th, 2021 Entry by Jane Carr 3 Key Characteristics of SoTL that I relate to from the perspective of an Electronics Technology Program: Need to form focused questions about my hypothesis and approach to the subject and formulate the questions concerning student engagement Take small steps and do not try to cover too much more… »

  • SoTL – 5 keys
    by Maria Romios (@MariaR)

    5 Keys of SoTL – Inquiry/Research – reflective practice, reflection on teaching and student learning – Addressing teaching with the research knowledge you have – Faculty to look closely and critically at student learning – what do you do with that knowledge? – asking interesting questions, working out methodology to answer the question – going more… »

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    • 3 Key SoTL Characteristics
      shared by Christopher Rowe (@ChristopherRowe)

      This was interesting. I like the concept behind this approach to teaching… to approach it from a scholarly perspective and to apply an inquiry to one’s practice.

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