Brainstorm a list of WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) from a student perspective.

If you can’t think of more than “because you should know it,” then you need to talk to your students and get a better sense of where they are in their learning and where they are going.

If you know your students well but you still have a hard time determining the relevance of a particular learning outcome, perhaps you should consider removing this content from your course.

This activity is part of the Motivation section of the Teacher for Learning Module.

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52 Responses for this Activity

    by Terry Greene (@terrygreene)

    See the link for a response to What’s In It For Me.

  • Enter Stage Right
    by Terry Greene (@terrygreene)

    Enter Stage Right

  • What in It for Me?
    by KristineW (@KristineW)

    One of the first assignments I have students complete in my tech tools class is a course conversion proposal. With this assignment, they are asked to think about a current or former face to face course they’ve taught or taken, and then have to create a plan with objectives to turn this into a fully more… »

  • Teaching Online: COVID-19 Edition
    by Stephanie Park (@stpark)

    Traditionally, instructors and students who took part in online courses were willing participants who made the choice to teach and learn in that environment.  Unfortunately, as a result of the pandemic, faculty members were definitely dealt a big “Because you have to!” answer without really having the chance to even ask the question, “What’s in more… »

  • WIIFM- Project Management
    by Sheeba (@svilakkathusaidu)

    When I teach Leadership in Project Management or Project Management in general for  graduate certificate students, I ask them to act as a Project Manager always. Since educational background of every student is different, some of them are not grasping the characteristics of project perfectly in some project examples.

  • WIIFM: Project Procurement
    by Mona Brennan-Coles (@MonaBC)

    Project Procurement is a second semester course in a 2 semester Graduate Certificate in Project Management.   I start by explaining that project procurement is about getting all the goods and services that you need to complete your project and that it is essential that these goods and/or services are exactly what is needed available more… »

  • WIIFM – Human Resources Management
    by Anne Pearson (@agpearson)

    WIIFM? In my Human Resources Management courses, it is critical to engage and excite students right from the introduction module on how this course will help them in their current and future roles.  The majority of my students are focused on becoming Hospitality Management professionals. Some students who have no interest in becoming Human Resources more… »

  • WITFM-Organization Theory and Design
    by Anahita Khazaei (@Ana)

    This is a third-year course and at this point students are really focused on learning skills that prepare them for the job market. To highlight the value of learning the concepts and theories taught in this course, I ask students to imagine themselves in any of the following roles: Working in for an organization (current/past experiences)  more… »

  • WIIFM – Introduction to Business Processes
    by Gary Danner (@gdanner)

    In BUSI-1005 (Introduction to Business Processes), one of the assignments is a group project that includes three parts. On a few occasions I have had students ask why they have to work in groups with other people rather than doing the project individually. I explain to the students: One of the most important skills in more… »

  • WIIFM: School age programming
    by Giselle Carter (@gmcarter)

    In the last term of Early Childhood Education, I teach a class on school-age programming. By this point, students are tired of college and looking forward to working, and many are working part-time in the field.  A lot of them know they want to work in the Kindergarten classes. Some of them known they like more… »

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