Budget and Saving Image

A response to the Consider This Activity
created by Benedict Atekha (@batekha)

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This image was located on Flickr.com and by searching the keyword, Budget. This image illustrates the relationship between budget and saving.  The license information indicates that the image is free for commercial use and no attribution required. License is found here: https://wordpress.org/openverse/image/b79f6db0-4cd5-47f3-895c-e7174c689911.  This saving and Budget image was created by 401(K) 2013 and it is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. I chose this image because it will help me demonstrate to my students that healthcare organizations can save money by controlling expenses and eliminating wasteful spending through budgeting. Additionally, I will use the image to emphasize to the students that since budgeting requires organizations to plan their finances ahead of time, they can save money without worrying if they will have sufficient left over for their operating expenses.

Example for "Budget and Saving Image":

savings and budget

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