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In the creation of an OER for a shared course, I worked with my principal collaborator and with a technology expert.  

The Principal Collaborator is part of my discipline, and they initiated the OER.  My principal collaborator absolutely has more experience and expertise in our field. I was brought in as support/content builder, and I think I have slightly more experience with e-learning tools and best practices.  The principal collaborator and I have similar viewpoints and teaching philosophies, so we often end up working on projects together due to our similar outlooks and goals. 

Our technology expert is our resident expert in OERs. They advised on best practices, possibilities and limitations, and helped guide us through the creation of some necessary elements, for example, creating the references section appropriately. Our technology collaborator also created several covers for the OER for us to choose from.  

I prefer to work with people who share their ideas, and people that I feel comfortable bouncing ideas off of. I work best with people who can evaluate the feasibility/suitability of my ideas, and who are comfortable sharing their thoughts and goals too. As for processes, I prefer to work with big ideas, and then drill down to the details. I prefer to hear ideas, rather than see them. Although I appreciate that a lot more detail and organization can be brought into diagrams, sometimes the nuances get lost without spoken language.  

What was missing? We definitely could have used more content creators. It was an incredible amount of work, and it may have been a richer, more diverse product if more people had been brought on board. It was, however, a product of Covid times, with many of our colleagues stretched and working at capacity or beyond. It was a labour of love, and without the promise of funding, others chose to limit their contributions.  

Side note: Please see the link for the photo of the collaborative dining room table. Also, I would rather not use Twitter, so I hope this post is accepted instead. Please let me know if you need anything different.

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