Think about the past year of your professional life…

  • List the projects or ideas that you have collaborated on with others.
  • Now, on a piece of paper, or using one of the Image tools in the Extend Toolkit, draw a dining table or modify an open licensed image of one.
  • Choose one of the projects you identified (successful or otherwise) and draw a place setting for each person involved at the table. Describe each person you worked with. Consider the following questions:
    • Were they part of or outside of your discipline?
    • How did your skills compare with theirs?
  • At the centre of the table list the modes and communication tools you used to collaborate. Note which ones worked better than others.
  • Identify patterns and gaps:
    • Highlight the type of people and processes that you know work well for you.
    • Identify anything that is missing from the table—anything you need to consider for future collaborations.
  • Take a photo of your “collaborative dining table” or export it as an image file. Then share it on twitter with a mention of @OntarioExtend and the hashtag #oextend.

This activity is part of the Explore Collaboration section of the Collaborator Module.

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8 Responses for this Activity

  • The Collaborative Dining Table
    by Dorina Grossu (@dgrossu)

    One of the most important activities of this year was when all of us had to start to teach in an intensive synchronous environment. Suddenly, the transformations were completed in almost no time. It has proven that education can do much more in a short time period and that we are ready for all types more… »

  • SFischer Collaborative Dining Table
    by Sarah Fischer (@sfischer)

    This activity highlighted for me the importance of building trust and employing radical candor in my collaboration process. The women who were my fellow collaborators on this project collaborated in such an authentic way that it inspired me to do the same. As a result, our project succeeded in ways I didn’t expect to be more… »

  • Vasu Padmanabhan – Collaborative Dining Table

    At work I lead a project to reduce rejection from stringing machines. These machines are highly automated. The Japanese manufacturer had gone bankrupt and these machines were declared obsolete. However due to budget constraints we had to continue operating these machines. For this A cross functional team was established with a mandate to find ways more… »

  • Collaborative Dining Table
    by Brian Nuttall (@bnuttall)

    Collaborative Dining Table STUDIO RED is a cross-program collaboration between Radio Broadcasting and the Music Industry Arts (MIA) Programs at Fanshawe. The radio students serve as show hosts showcasing the talents of the musicians performing in Fanshawe’s studios, airing Sundays at 7pm on 106.9 ‘The X’.  

  • My Dining Room Table – HRIS Implementation Team
    by Connie Palmer (@ConniePalmer)

    Thinking about a team effort over the past year, I decided to highlight a team effort to implement a new HRIS (Human Resources Information System) at my workplace. It was a true collaboration of US and Canadian HR team members, working closely to ensure we captured the needs of the users and at the same more… »

  • learning cycle dining table
    by Stephanie Müller (@smuller)

    This group of individuals make me feel like there is progress in student resiliency. twitter: stephmuller9

  • Diana Degan Collaborative Dining Table
    by Diana Degan (@dianadegan)

    What an interesting way to explore past patterns of collaboration so that we can improve them for the future…and do it in a way that makes us create something that is Twitter-worthy and Twitter-literate!

  • Collaborative Dining Table
    by Alissa Bigelow (@alissabigelow)

    This was a very unique way to imagine working with others! I have found by completing this activity it really got me thinking about ways to adress some gaps in our project that will enable us to move forward.

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