Think about the past year of your professional life…

  • List the projects or ideas that you have collaborated on with others.
  • Now, on a piece of paper, or using one of the Image tools in the Extend Toolkit, draw a dining table or modify an open licensed image of one.
  • Choose one of the projects you identified (successful or otherwise) and draw a place setting for each person involved at the table. Describe each person you worked with. Consider the following questions:
    • Were they part of or outside of your discipline?
    • How did your skills compare with theirs?
  • At the centre of the table list the modes and communication tools you used to collaborate. Note which ones worked better than others.
  • Identify patterns and gaps:
    • Highlight the type of people and processes that you know work well for you.
    • Identify anything that is missing from the table—anything you need to consider for future collaborations.
  • Take a photo of your “collaborative dining table” or export it as an image file. Then share it on twitter with a mention of @OntarioExtend and the hashtag #oextend.

This activity is part of the Explore Collaboration section of the Collaborator Module.

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38 Responses for this Activity

  • Collaborative Dining Table
    by Erin Gilbart (@egilbart)

    The initial move to remote learning in a short period of time was a project without a lot of opportunity to pre-plan the transition. My representation of the dining table includes the collaborators involved at the outset (administration, teaching & learning consultants, program coordinator, and teaching team faculty members). Some of these collaborators were internal more… »

  • Collaborative Dining Table – New programming in Post-Secondary Teaching Certificate
    by Wesley Butler (@wbutler925)

    Conestoga College offers a Certificate in Post-Secondary Teaching to its internal faculty, as well as external educators. Managed by the Teaching and Learning department, the program team comprises a Chair, a Co-ordinator, six Teaching and Learning Consultants, and an Educational Technology Officer. Recently, we’ve offered an individual micro-credential, from which faculty can transfer credits, on more… »

  • The Collaborative Dining Table
    by Brian Percheson (@bpercheson)

    Our school community often organises fundraisers.  Basically, everyone logs onto Google Meet with or without webcams and within the chat, we can collaborate ideas via Google Jam with hyperlinks within the chat features.  Zoom and Microsoft Teams have webcams and whiteboard apps built in too. Basically, everyone at the dining room table is different but more… »

  • Customer/Supplier Relationships Course – New Evaluations for Zoom
    by Elizabeth Stanley (@Penny123)

    Zoom was the best mode of communication as we all could participate at the same time.  The meeting process worked well except in some cases as professors we had to spend extra time in meetings to learn the new Zoom and MS Teams technology.  The evaluations were developed quickly due to time constraints and in more… »

  • Collaborative Dining Table: Annual Program Review
    by Meyer Tanuan (@meyertanuan)

    For this activity, I listed the collaborative tools used for the annual program review process.

  • Collaborative Dining Activity – updating labs
    by Diana Spear (@Diana S)

    The project I selected was the labs used for CHEM 1008 and CHEM 1009 in the Pre-health Sciences program at Georgian college. In the fall of 2021, in-person labs were adapted to virtual labs that students could complete at home and submit online. Michele – Program Coordinator – Pre-health Sciences Heather – Academic Program Technologist more… »

  • Dining Table
    by Karen Burns (@karen.burns)

    I joined Twitter several years ago but never really used it.  Hoping that these activities will reignite my interest.  Attached please find a copy of my dining room tweet

  • The Awards Collaborative Dining Table
    by Mary Dancey (@Mary Dancey)

    The Awards Collaborative Dining Table The Awards Committee Volunteers were all peers so mostly we were on the same page as to how the awards categories, entries and judging would be handled. The Awards Judges while mostly peers also came from outside of our discipline as they also included product suppliers, educators, interior designers and more… »

  • Collaboration – it can get messy!
    by Julie White (@JulieSLC)

    I figured it may be easiest to tackle this assignment in Powerpoint, as I am most familiar with that format. I probably should have tried one of the other mapping tools, as this got really ugly – and fast. I chose to look at my Professional Learning Network related to program review/design, particularly as we’re more… »

  • The Collaborative Dining Table #CTN Remote Field Placement
    by Jennifer Shelswell (@Jennifer.Shelswell)

    In the Winter semester of 2021, I facilitated a #CTN remote field placement for the second year Early Childhood Education students. For this placement, I collaborated with several colleagues as we designed and implemented this online placement. This placement was a success because of the amazing team of people that made it happen. We all more… »

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    • Dining with a Collaborator
      shared by Christopher Rowe (@ChristopherRowe)

      I’m not in the habit of sharing much on social media, so I find this makes me a little uncomfortable. I don’t like opening the opportunity for what I communicate to be taken out of context. For this reason, I would prefer to build networks in person rather than online. I’ll try it though.

    • My Collaborative Table (Here is my example of how I collaborated over the past year.)
      shared by Jane Carr (@jscarr)

      This Table reflects great limitations that were experienced in the past year due to COVID. It does not reflect my usual collaborative experiences but it does show how our team works together on a single project (a Capstone course). My usual PLN/collaboration work begins in the time period before a semester begins. I usually attend more… »

    • My Table of Experiences
      shared by Jane Carr (@jscarr)

      For the Table exercise that reflected on this past year’s activity that offered opportunities to network, I must admit that networking was very limited this year. Normally I liaise with others in Professional Organizations such as the IEEE or the SMTA, and I attend and participate in local meet-ups. This past year I was so more… »

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