Collaborator Assignment

A response to the Cultivate Your PLN Activity
created by Jane Carr (@jscarr)

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This exercise was somewhat overwhelming for me since there are SO MANY different sources on Twitter.   The picture that I referenced shows my “impression” of Twitter.  The picture is by Thomas Hawk.

It is difficult to find Twitter threads to follow that pertain to my professional background BUT there are LOTS of other interesting hashtags to be found that, given the time, I will pursue in order to expand my experiential knowledge-base.

To cultivate my PLN I will need to continue to tease out those hashtags that address areas that would help improve our program in Engineering by using the various techniques suggested like gamification.  If I ever get to the point of being confident enough of the success of my approaches I will create my own hashtag and put it out there!

Example for "Collaborator Assignment":


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