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I decided to search for an image using the same search term across a few different search sites. I used the words ‘virtual reality goggles’ and found the following websites that were easy to determine the license and copyright information: 

virtual reality goggles | Openverse 

Search media – Wikimedia Commons 

20+ Free Virtual Reality Goggles & Virtual Reality Images – Pixabay 

Pixabay typically had fewer free images that were also free to use and share while  Bing had a lot of images using the filter “free to use, modify and share commercially” I found that when I went to the website for the image it often actually had copyright limitations.  

I finally selected an image title woman wearing white virtual reality goggles on Flickr however the credit notes indicated Must Credit to: ‘’ not Flickr. The creator is David Stewart and the source is Flickr:  

woman wearing white virtual reality goggles – Credit to ht… | Flickr 

The image nicely depicts a person wearing the goggles which I plan to use in a presentation introducing the use of virtual reality in education. It will help those who are new to VR understand what the goggles look like and how they are worn. I had difficulty finding images  of post-secondary students in a classroom wearing the goggles, or a diverse population (of post-secondary students) wearing the goggles. 

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