Consider This – Word Clouds of Ethical Theories

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Since I primarily teach introductory ethics in philosophy, we often discuss the three main versions of ethical theory outlined in the literature: consequentialism (morality is determined based on the consequences of one’s actions), deontology (morality is determined based on duties), and virtue ethics (morality is determined on the cultivation of character).

This is the image I chose for this activity.

According to Pixabay, the license allows free use under their licensing policy with no attribution required.

The creator is “rdaconnect” and they have created multiple images of word clouds that highlight the main elements of each theory of morality.

This selection would support learners’ understanding of the differences between each theory since the images highlight key terms that help distinguish itself from another theory. It’s also presented in a clear font and I appreciate the black ground and lighter coloured font for accessibility purposes.  I can imagine students building their own word clouds similar to this and it provides a good visualization of the key features of each view.

The strategy I used involved typing “ethics” which resulted in a few of the creators images to show up. It is difficult to determine if this image incorporates diversity and inclusion since they are depictions of a theoretical concept, not something concrete. But this could result in further discussion and exploration of the implications of these images in the classroom.

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