Cornell Notes for Alabama’s Congressional Districts Map

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created by Brandon Sabourin (@bsabou01)

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For this activity, I watched a recent video by Vox on YouTube. The video, The US Supreme Court just made this map illegal, describes issues with Alabama’s gerrymandered congressional districts.

The Cornell Notes activity was interesting. I had heard of the technique, but had not used it myself. I decided to handwrite my notes similar to how I might at a lecture or conference keynote.  I will say that I had trouble keeping up, likely because my noteTAKING days are behind me. But I did appreciate the need to go back through after the video and identify the key ideas and vocabulary. I can see how this would improve my understanding and memorization of the content (were this content I needed to know).

I wonder how effective the Cornell Notes method would be with long lectures or sets of many lecture, as the review does take time. If an undergraduate student chose to use this method in all lectures of all courses, this would be time-consuming.

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