Try watching a TED talk or conference keynote video yourself to practice your own note-taking skills using Cornell Notes.

  • Split your page so that it looks like Cornell notes (see image below)
  • Take notes that make sense to you in the right-hand (two-thirds) space.
  • When you are done, use two different colour markers to highlight key points and new or specialized vocabulary. Use the left-hand (one-third) space to rewrite those key points and vocabulary with explanatory text.

This activity is part of the Organize Knowledge section of the Teacher for Learning Module.

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50 Responses for this Activity

  • Teaching in a Digital Age – Cornell Notes
    by Terry Greene (@terrygreene)

    See the response here or see another one here!

  • Ted Talk Exercise
    by KristineW (@KristineW)

    As my handwriting is so poor, I opted to create a google docs template for this activity.   Ted Talk Exercise, Kristine Weglarz, Jan 26, 2021 “A fascinating time capsule of human feelings toward AI”  Main Ideas, Key Points, Etc.:   -study done of 1200 Americans reveals low levels of comfort with AI -some more… »

  • Cornell Notes on Cultivating Care
    by Stephanie Park (@stpark)

    I chose Michelle Pacansky-Brock‘s keynote, “The Anatomy of Learning: Cultivating Care from the Very First Click to take notes on. Here are a few of my observations from completing this activity… The quality of my handwriting went tragically downhill in university and has yet to return. I write in capital letters because that is sadly my more… »

  • What makes a great leader today- in the 21st century?
    by Sheeba (@svilakkathusaidu)

    I watched the Ted talk video by Roselinde Torres What makes a great leader today- in the 21st century? I used to take lecture note when I was in university; but it was a scribble lecture without giving  emphasis on any word or sentence. The structure of Cornell note is very catchy and feeds more… »

  • Cornell Notes: 5 Pillars of Effective Leadership
    by Mona Brennan-Coles (@MonaBC)

    For this exercise, I watched the Ted Talk “5 Pillars of Effective Leadership” by Ari Zucker ( I found it difficult to follow this particular talk because each time the speaker listed the 5 characteristics the order was different.  Also, I tended to go directly to key ideas — I think because this talk wasn’t more… »

  • Cornell Notes: Mental health
    by Giselle Carter (@gmcarter)

    I watched a TedTalk about mental health literacy in grade school, and used Cornell note to summarize what I learned

  • Tedtalk Concept Map
    by Bruce Stead (@B Stead)

    Tedtalk notes : Your Personality and Your Brain | Scott Schwefel | TEDxBrookings

  • Cornell Notes Exercise
    by Gary Danner (@gdanner)

    For this activity, I viewed  “You are an everyday economist/Frances Donald/TEDxToronto” I used study notes when I was in college. I wish I had known about Cornell Notes back then. It would have made studying a bit easier.

  • Cornell Notes-
    by Anahita Khazaei (@Ana)

    I listened to this Harvard Business Review podcast on how to identify and adapt our leadership styles. There are two different styles: “powerful/influential” and “likeable/attractive”. Leaders/people demonstrate behaviours associated with both styles but one is dominant. We can lead and communicate more effectively if we adapt our style to specific situations and this can be more… »

  • Cornell Notes – Management Tips for Employee Engagement
    by Anne Pearson (@agpearson)

    I really enjoyed this exercise and will use the Cornell Note taking method more often especially for doing research, watching videos etc.  I usually write copious notes that aren’t always completely decipherable. For this activity I watched: 8 lessons on building a company people enjoy working for by Patty McCord Ted Talk – February 2019 more… »

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