If you haven’t already, watch the video “How to take Cornell Notes”

To Do:

    1. Find a TED talk or conference keynote video that interests you to practice your own note-taking skills using Cornell Notes.
    2. Split your page so that it looks like Cornell notes (see image)
    3. Take notes that make sense to you in the right-hand (two-thirds) space.
    4. When you are done, use two different colour markers to highlight key points and new or specialized vocabulary.
    5. Use the left-hand (one-third) space to rewrite those key points and vocabulary with explanatory text.
    6. When you are ready, add a response to the Cornell Notes activity by uploading a file or provide a link to your Cornell Notes in the submission form.
    7. In the activity description, include the name and link to the video you watched and provide a reflection about your process and possible applications.
    8. After you make your submission, save the web address to your response (found in the green confirmation box) so you can use it later for your badge submission form.

This activity is part of the Organize Knowledge section of the Teacher for Learning Module.

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133 Responses for this Activity

  • Cornell Notes on Big Data TED Talk
    by Melissa Pound (@m_pound)

    For this activity, I took notes on this TED Talk: Tricia Wang: The human insights missing from big data | TED Talk.  I tried writing on paper but wound up typing my notes out so they’d be legible. In a way, this mimics my normal process–I generally copy notes out after I take them. Normally more… »

  • The Case for a 4-Day Work Week
    by Alfred Lam (@alam)

    I found that tool to use Cornell notes very eye opening.  For many years, I used to just make summary notes rather than having a focus (left column) and summary.  I decided to make a table on Microsoft Word rather than writing the notes during the ted talk, because I actually type faster than I more… »

  • Cornell Notes
    by Lauren Cripps (@LCripps)

    I watched a brief TedTalk on Design Thinking.

  • Cornell Notes for Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare
    by Erin Gilbart (@egilbart)

    I watched a video related to disruptive innovation in healthcare called Disruptive Innovations to Integrate Health Systems: Onil Bhattacharyya at TEDxStouffville (Source: Disruptive Innovations to Integrate Health Systems: Onil Bhattacharyya at TEDxStouffville – YouTube). This concept is discussed in a course I developed and teach (HEAL8180 – Current Issues in Healthcare Administration & Service Management). more… »

  • Cornell Notes Activity
    by Megan Anderson (@manderson)

    To practice my Cornell note taking I watched Wendy Suzuki: The brain-changing benefits of exercise | TED. Since I teach a topic that is very academic, lots of research, lots of writing, and lots of sitting still to a program that is not used to, not inclined to, and does not like sitting still, I more… »

  • Cornell Notes
    by Nicole Drake (@ndrake)

    Attached are my Cornell Notes for the TED Talk by Adrian K. Haugabrook: 3 ways to lower the barriers to higher education

  • Cornell Notes: Every Child Needs a Champion
    by Emily Lejeune (@lejeunee)

    Here are the Cornell notes I made for the Youtube video titled “Every Child Needs a Champion”.

  • Cornell Notes
    by Caitlin Cull (@ccull)


  • Web 3 Cornell Notes Response
    by Marc Anderson (@Marc Anderson)

    The file attached details my notes on Web 3 and my understanding of it based on the following video.

  • Cornell Notes
    by Gitanjali Shanbhag (@gshanbhag)

    Title: The Puzzle of Motivation Link to talk:  https://www.ted.com/talks/dan_pink_the_puzzle_of_motivation?language=en  

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    1. ichani xavier

      Hi There.
      This is a very good skill. I have been aware of note taking but not cornel notes. I have really learnt a new skill in quickly noting down new content. Though it looks messy it give quick summary on what you have just read or listened too.



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    2.  This Week’s Pit Stop – Not-So-Distant Learning

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