Course Introduction

A response to the Come In, Come In! Activity
created by Marisa Rentas (@mrentas)

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For this activity, I created a welcome video introducing myself and the course to students.  The course that I created this video for is required, so students do not have a choice to take it.  Like the example to this activity, my goal was to get students introduced to why they are required to take the course and how it will be useful for them.

I have created many videos over the past year (due to remote learning) but I wanted to experiment with creating more polished videos that added extra elements and screen views (like talking head, pictures, screen share), so I tried the OBS software tool (which is freely available) to create this video. It was difficult at first to figure out how to set up different scenes and shots, but I am glad I tried it out as it is a great tool to create video lessons for more complex topics-I won’t use this tool for every video I create as it does take a longer time than just doing a Zoom/PPT screen recording, but I will definitely be using it for creating more permanent lesson videos that I can use over many semesters.

Example for "Course Introduction":

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