A bridge or hook is an effective teaching approach to gain a learner’s attention and build motivation.

For this activity you will create a video that serves as a bridge or hook of interest to welcome students to your course. You will want to do something more creative than a talking head in front of bookshelves! Review some of the examples and rationale described by Bonni Stachowiack in her Teaching in Higher Ed post on Video Course Trailers

Most of the trailers that I watched seemed to be geared toward attempting to persuade a potential student to take a particular course. Our department is such that getting students to enroll in my classes isn’t typically the problem. Instead, I would like to have a course trailer to get them excited about what they are going to learn, once they have registered for one of my classes.

For more examples of course trailers, see:

You can easily film a video on your smart phone and upload to YouTube. A screen recording tool such as Screencast-O-Matic or Loom might work well to introduce an online course. Explore also one of the tools highlighted in the Online lecture toolkit (noting that H5P has a component that can make videos interactive) as well as video tools in Extend toolkit.

Experiment with making your own course welcome video and share it as part of your response to this activity,

This activity is part of the Let’s Experiment section of the Experimenter Module.

Example for "Come In, Come In!":

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8 Responses for this Activity

  • Introductory Video
    by Karen Burns (@karen.burns)

    This is just a short video to welcome students to the course.  This was way outside my comfort zone which is why I chose to do it.  Hopefully, as I continue to use this technology, I will become more confident  and be able to be more creative.

  • Getting animated to grab attention
    by Julie White (@JulieSLC)

    I’ve just started playing with Voki – an interesting tool to record videos. The first will be one that I post on our program Facebook page. I know the character doesn’t necessarily look much like me – it’s missing the cheater glasses and they didn’t have faces that were quite round enough – and when more… »

  • Introduction to ECE Online Placement Screencast Video
    by Jennifer Shelswell (@Jennifer.Shelswell)

    I designed an introductory PowerPoint for my first year ECE students. This PowerPoint discussed what they would expect in their online placement. Using Screencast-O-Matic, I was able to record a video for the students to watch. I find this application very easy to use, and I have also used it in the past for asynchronous more… »

  • Winter 2021
    by Denise Nielsen (@Denise Nielsen)

    In the past I have made fun “trailers” and infographics for courses, and it’s always a creative and engaging process for me. This winter however, a lag in engagement during the fall pandemic semester made me think my first year students needed something more personal, something more relatable. I decided to invite them into my more… »

  • Course Introduction
    by Marisa Rentas (@mrentas)

    For this activity, I created a welcome video introducing myself and the course to students.  The course that I created this video for is required, so students do not have a choice to take it.  Like the example to this activity, my goal was to get students introduced to why they are required to take more… »

  • Video – Movie trailer
    by Kim Wilmink (@KWilmink)

    I completed this activity using my iPhone.  I used the “iMovie” app.  It was super easy to use and really fun to put together a movie trailer for my course.  I love that I can send this link to my students before our course starts to get them excited to learn. I used Pixabay to more… »

  • Quality is our life
    by Dorina Grossu (@dgrossu)

    In this video I tried to summarize the importance of quality in our lives and why learning quality engineering is important to all of us. I used Adobe Spark to create this video.

  • Class of 2020
    by Stephanie Müller (@smuller)

    Not sure if this counts, but we made a graduation video to honour our graduating class of 2020

4 Resources for this Activity

  • Course video trailers: Coming soon to a classroom near you (AGU GeoEdTrek)
    shared by Alan Levine (@cogdogblog)

    “Harvard University is doing it. So are Baylor, Berkeley, Boston and Brown Universities. Not long after the launch of YouTube, course trailers began making an appearance online. Some faculty are embracing the concept, taking advantage of the opportunity to promote their discipline and to encourage a broader audience of students to enroll in their courses.”

  • Creating a course trailer (TI Connections, University of Calgary)
    shared by Alan Levine (@cogdogblog)

    “No invitation is complete without a response and a course trailer is a great conversation starter. As students begin to situate themselves in the course, think about how you can extend the dialogue sparked by the trailer across the semester.”

  • Introduction Video for My Course
    shared by Christopher Rowe (@ChristopherRowe)

    This is just a really short introduction video to be accompanied with some instruction to complete an online ice-breaking exercise.

  • Introduction Video for My Course
    shared by Christopher Rowe (@ChristopherRowe)

    This is just a really short introduction video to be accompanied with some instruction to complete an online ice-breaking exercise.

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