Course Syllabus Mind Map

A response to the Syllabus Concept Map Activity
created by Meaghan Jefferson (@mjeffer)

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I created this visual syllabus for our course in Medical Radiation Sciences  covering an intro to gynecological and obstetrical anomalies and pathology.  I’m far more linear in my methodology, so I found this exercise was a bit of a stretch for me.  Personally, large mind maps with lines coursing/crossing over each other are extremely confusing and overwhelming for me.

I did really appreciate the exercise in this module which illustrated the different ways of influencing a person’s understanding/retention of information through changing perception and interpretation of the information itself.  Using this technique will be extremely helpful, and has helped me re-think how I present my course information.  Possibly my long lists (which I prefer) seem unrelatable to students, so I will offer them different ways to approach the information and hopefully increase their overall understanding and retention of the information.

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