Diana Degan Built to Share OER Commons Photo

A response to the Built To Share Activity
created by Diana Degan (@dianadegan)

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I used a couple of different tools to complete this activity. I used my SmartPhone to go to Unsplash and select a photo that captured the essence of marketing projects that my class would be working on this semester. I then went to my PicMonkey app on my phone and edited it.

I ran into to some issues though, and had to go to my laptop/desktop version so that I would be able to save it in a format that I could upload to be able to use with the OER Commons website.

I did use my phone to search and find the OER Commons website, read about it and try and figure out how I was supposed to do the assignment. But it was difficult! I ended up coming back to my laptop/desktop setup again so that I could click on the link here and access the information easily. I then created the resource.

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