For this activity, experiment by building or customizing an openly licensed graphic or other resource for a concept related to your discipline, and share it via OER Commons,  the “public digital library of open educational resources.”

To Do:

  1. Use the OER Commons Open Resource Builder to assemble  and publish your OER. Why share here? It can be part of a global commons of Open Education Resources (worth exploring too).
  2. Build or customize an openly licensed graphic or other resource for your discipline area, and share it via OER Commons.
  3. For your response to this activity, enter the URL from OER Commons or upload a PDF generated from your shared item.
  4. After you make your submission, save the web address to your response (found in the green confirmation box) so you can use it later for your badge submission form.

This activity is part of the Let’s Experiment section of the Experimenter Module.

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After you complete this activity please share a link to it and a description so it can be added to the responses below. You can add it directly to this site.

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Resources for this Activity

Have you created a helpful guide or do you know one that might help others complete this activity? You can share a resource if it is available at a public URL. .

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17 Responses for this Activity

  • Open source – Carolyn Nesbitt-Larking
    by Carolyn Nesbitt-Larking (@Carolyn) Would help to explain to students the balance of making customer service more personal but still professsional. This is sometimes hard for students to understand. They believe that just being nice and giving a customer what they want is considered successful customer service.  

  • OER for Chemistry
    by Afshan Jabeen (@ajabeen)

    I found this OER on OER Commons website which is useful for my Chemistry course.

  • PowerPoint Creation OER
    by Angela Rozema (@arozema)

    A PowerPoint activity for students to create a presentation. Provided as an OER for others to use.

  • Vertical Bandsaw: An Introduction
    by Darrick Hahn (@dhahn)

    I made a small, simple guide on the basic operation of a vertical bandsaw. I shared the link to the guide, for some reason, the when I viewed the PDF, the Picture was not oriented in the right way.

  • Built To Share
    by Mehrdad Kashefi (@Mehrdad Kashefi)

    I also used “Attribution Generator” to get licence notice for the image I chose (

  • ADHD
    by Robert Miller (@rmill107)

    I used a creative commons article about ADHD for this activity. I added an image and a brief description.

  • ADHD
    by Robert Miller (@rmill107)

    I used a creative commons article about ADHD for this activity. I added an image and a brief description.

  • Workflow Images
    by Lucas Prestes (@Lucas Plautz Prestes)

    I created a image with workflow protocol and  I publish a chapter with this image. I use this image to explain how this protocol works to all students.      

  • How to Calculate Standard Deviation of a Sample Using a Calculator
    by Catherine Studholme (@cstudholme)

    This was much more challenging than I thought it may be, as I was having difficulties trying to figure out how to make the equation into an image.

  • Simple 2D Character Controller in Unity C#
    by Mark Shannelly (@mshannelly)

    This is from a lesson in one of my classes where we create a simple 2D game in Unity. This particular lesson is from the second week, where we add physics to the Player. The intention with this lesson (and all of my lessons) is to demonstrate how the software works, while explaining what the more… »

    1 Resource for this Activity

    • Customized Graphic
      shared by Christopher Rowe (@ChristopherRowe)

      I found this really valuable glossary of terms used in online learning to be included in a course for students new to that type of environment… but the graphic associated with it was very poorly done… so I updated it, to be more useful.

    Creative Commons License
    This work by Ontario Extend is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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    1. Jennifer Lorraine Fraser

      I am attempting to do this but I keep receiving an error code of Forbidden from OER Commons.


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