Diana Degan Cornell Notes for Seth Godin’s TED Talk

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Using the Cornell Notes method, I watched Seth Godin’s TED Talk, “The Tribes We Lead”. It is actually a talk that I use part of for one of my Public Relations classes, but it has always been too long to watch the entire video in class. I enjoyed the opportunity to watch all of it.

Seth is used quite frequently for Marketing and Public Relations classes as he speaks on topics that dovetail nicely for our class discussions. This presentation started by asking the question of what do we do every day? We to to change everything, he said. We try to create big change. And he shared ideas of how that has been done previously. We have gone from the days of cheap labour and fast machines to the days of mass marketing and TV advertising and are now in the days of leadership. He noted that Tribes are what matter now. Leading and connecting people matters most. Tribes can change the world; people want a connection and can become a movement that creates change.

Taking notes this way allowed me to quickly take notes and add the key points next to them to save and be reviewed in the future. I have always been a big believer in using colour in notes. I think this would be a great system for students to use.


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