Diana Degan Marketing Plan Assignment Explanation Video

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I had a need this week and I jumped and used the thinking from the past couple of weeks to create a video!! Whoo hoo! So this will be the first of a series that I will use to provide additional, more in-depth information about Assignments for students. This one is for the major project for the semester which is for them to create a Marketing Plan. The will be taking into account everything they have learned this semester — every Chapter reading in the textbook, each of the other 6 assignments, all the class lectures — they all get folded into the requirements for this one project. It is worth 30%. In my empathy stage, I identified that I have an issue of about 35-50% of students not showing up to class for various reasons, and until now, about the same not handing in assignments, and struggling with assignments and the readings. I have had a number of conversations over the past couple of weeks with these students to try and identify what was going on and how to work with them. Also, I was watching for patterns in the communication I was receiving. I identified that by creating a video and providing more detailed information, I could create the links back to the class and textbook readings, and give them a tool to do better. They will be able to review it on their own time, as they are working on the project, over and over, until it is due in the final week. Creating the video for just the assignment also means they don’t have to dig through a class recording. It’s a little longer than I had hoped, but I provided a lot of information and tips. There will be more videos that deal with the specific 9 Worksheets that have to accompany the 14-18 page plan. I created a PowerPoint presentation, expanding on the details of the assignment. I then, used my Zoom Private Room and created a recording, ensuring I had enabled my close captioning. I then had to do it all over again when it didn’t actually record the full thing the first time. 🙁 I posted it to my eConestoga site and sent an announcement to my students. I also mentioned it in class. I also had difficulties with the posting, as when I went back to check, it told me zoom.us wasn’t linking it anymore. What???! It was still in my list of recordings. I thought maybe I had deleted. So I ended up posting it as a video and as a link, one with the transcript, one without, as the video wasn’t showing the transcript.

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