Here is where you can sharing your technology enabled creation completed through the Technologist Module.

In your response to this activity, write an explanation of the context and reasons why you choose to use a technology-enabled solution for your learning challenge. Include your process for empathizing with your learners, what you defined as your learner challenge, the steps you took in ideating and prototyping your technology creation as well as your planned implementation.

Also upload a screenshot of your technology creation or include a link if it exists online.

This activity is part of the Connect to Your Curriculum section of the Technologist Module.

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72 Responses for this Activity

  • It’s Alive
    by Sarah Versteeg (@Sarah Versteeg)

    Will be using this template in the future!

  • “It’s Alive!”
    by Bert Slessor (@BS)

    This last task took me in a slightly different direction than planned.  My goal was to demonstrate how I might change part of my course to an interactive book through H5P.  But when I finally got into the actual work, it really didn’t fit what I originally envisioned.  So instead of thinking of creating an more… »

  • It’s Alive
    by Michelle Laurence (@Michelle Laurence)

    Creating is more advanced in Blooms taxonomy than many other expressions of understanding. Students created videos to understand their understanding of joint actions and muscle activity. I hoped creating their own videos would be better than watching pre-canned videos. So with H5P studio, I think we landed in the middle. Learning the technology was a more… »

  • Ensuring Learning and Understanding
    by jessica srivastava (@Jessica)

    I used this module as an action research piece in a course I am currently teaching. It is an effective writing course which is part of a post graduate Project Management program. Typically, this course is a 100% international and generally the students are mostly from India. I am very used to dealing with the more… »

  • PLANEWORK It’s ALive!
    by Terry Greene (@terrygreene)

    I do find it kind of funny that in going through all the steps of the design thinking process spit out (for me) the solution of using a folder as the technological solution. Maybe next time I give it a go, I’ll find out I need an overhead projector or an email! It’s a very more… »

  • It’s Alive
    by Gary Danner (@gdanner)

    My initial Learner Challenge was to have students come on audio and turn their cameras on during the online classes. As I worked through this, I realized I was going about this from the wrong angle and looking for a “one-size fits all” solution to address everything all at once. We can’t mandate students to more… »

  • ITs Alive
    by amy taylor (@amytaylor)

    See google doc attached

  • Perusall to the Rescue!
    by Christopher Rowe (@ChristopherRowe)

    This has been such a valuable exercise… I began by communicating with my students about their experiences in our program.  During this pandemic, many of them expressed frustration with the significant use of the lecture model being simply transported into an online environment through systems like Zoom and Bongo.  They weren’t feeling engaged in the more… »

  • MS Teams and Break out rooms – channels
    by Elizabeth Tellez (@etellez)

    I used the MS Teams channels; they work perfect for the activities I planned for my students. Students love them because they give them the opportunity to interact with each other during class time and they don’t have the pressure of talking to the whole class.

  • It’s Live: Using Google Slides to Enhance Students’ Engagement
    by Anahita Khazaei (@Ana)

    Please see attached reflections on how using Google Slides helped me to enhance students’ engagement during online synchronous sessions.

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    • It’s Alive!
      shared by Carrie Barrett (@Carrie)

      Description of my technology-enabled learning activity with screen cap of the technology that I created.

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