Engage with SoTL – Motivations

A response to the Engage with SoTL Activity
created by Andrew Molas (@amolas)

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  • Improved outcomes and assessment scores.
  • Useful data for assessments, program reviews, retention strategies, and accreditation processes.
  • Faculty development opportunities.
  • Increased reflection on teaching and learning among colleagues.
  • Stronger institutional values on teaching and learning.
  • Promotion of new networks among members at institutions.
  • Scholarship opportunities in the form of presentations and publications.
  • Opportunity for outside funding to support program innovation.
  • Renewed excitement about teaching and learning, and greater self-awareness.


I picked my 3 motivations because student outcome is the top priority for any instructor; the more we can get our colleagues to care about the learning experience, the students ultimately benefit; and I’ve met some great people through educational development/SoTL opportunities that have positively impacted my professional and personal growth

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