Many SoTL practitioners, publications, and journals list potential benefits of a proactive approach to classroom scholarship, some of which are articulated in the video SoTL: Why Care?


The Making a Case for SoTL video by the Elon University Center for Engaged Learning also makes a case for institutions to support those faculty engaged in SoTL research.

From the list of potential benefits below, pick the top three statements that would motivate you to become more engaged in SoTL activities. You might also consider other benefits that you can think of that are not on this list.

  • Improved outcomes and assessment scores.
  • Useful data for assessments, program reviews, retention strategies, and accreditation processes.
  • Faculty development opportunities.
  • Increased reflection on teaching and learning among colleagues.
  • Stronger institutional values on teaching and learning.
  • Promotion of new networks among members at institutions.
  • Scholarship opportunities in the form of presentations and publications.
  • Opportunity for outside funding to support program innovation.
  • Renewed excitement about teaching and learning, and greater self-awareness.

Return to the shared document where you added your Three Keys for SoTL (for Three Keys activity). Edit your entry to include the three top motivations you chose from this list. Review and add comments to the motivations contributed by other participants.

This activity is part of the What is the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL)? section of the Scholar Module.

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6 Responses for this Activity

  • test
    by Lindsay Woodside (@lwoodside)

    please see my activity activity above here

  • Value of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
    by Lynn Chartrand (@lynn_chartrand)

    My thoughts on the value of SoTL.

  • Another Top 3!
    by Melanie Lefebvre (@ProfMelLefebvre)

    The benefit of increasing the amount of reflection about teaching and learning with my colleagues is especially appealing, considering I even look forward to such dialogue on Twitter. By having a common language, we can further support and challenge one another. Improving both student outcomes as well as results on assessments is most definitely appealing. more… »

  • SoTL #2 – Engage with SoTL
    by Sidney (@data_professor)

    This is a rehash of my post on negotiated grading, but perhaps I’ll get into more of the idea behind it and less focused on the technical aspects of how it works in the class. I think there is an issue with feedback. I had papers that I put a huge amount of work into, more… »

  • Amateur Work in SoTL
    by Irene Stewart (@IrenequStewart)

    In the end, I have decided to approach SoTL with child-like glee.

  • SoTL #2 What are my Reasons?
    by Helen DeWaard (@hj_dewaard)

    Taking a deeper look at the reasons outlined on the suggested list didn’t really resonate for my current context or teaching practice. So what are my reasons for tackling SoTL?

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