Examples for students learning a concept

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I work in the Library and the topics I teach are often one-shot sessions.  For this exercise I wanted to find examples and possible multimedia examples for disinformation or fake news.  The links would be useful for the students but are also really useful from the instructor point of view as well.  The resources I will return to:

Ultimate Guide to Fake News: 27 of the Worst Fake News Sources: helps users identify fake news. Gives examples that help learners understand what makes it fake news and how to avoid it.

A field guide to “fake news” and other information disorders : a pdf book with links included. Could be used as a text, has graphics, helps explain the concepts and walks you through with examples.

Evaluating Information: offers some multimedia distinguishing real from fake news.  The key takeaway for students might be the Case Studies offered.

Example for "Examples for students learning a concept":

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