There are many ways to search for Open Educational Resources. A great place to start your search might be by using a referatory. A referatory is a search that simply links out to content hosted elsewhere while repositories host file(s). Referatories may have broader reach, and you may find the same OER in a referatory and a repository. There are two main referatories for finding OER:  


General Repositories 

Discipline Specific Repositories 


Take some time and explore the referatories and repositories listed to find resources that are connected to your course content or interests.

  • Try out the search strategies you’ve practiced. Rather than just using your normal vocabulary, consider synonyms and terms other educators and experts may have used. Feel free to jot down your search strategies. HINT: A mind map is a great tool to plot your search and ensure you cover all the bases.
  • Pay close attention to which of the referatories and repositories have advanced search capabilities, and explore how you might optimize those capabilities.
  • Once you have spent some time exploring the resources, curate three (or more) OERs to support learners’ understanding of an element or concept for a course.
  • Add a response to this activity by listing the OERs that you found, including their web address, and how each one would support learners’ understanding of an element or concept for a course (use the link for the best one in the example entry field for the response).

This activity is part of the Spotlight on Repositories section of the Curator Module.

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66 Responses for this Activity

  • Find your fit
    by Lori Hallahan (@lhallahan)

    The topic I searched for an OER for was evaluating sources. The OER that I would select as my final selection to use and provide for learners is Library Skills for 2nd Year Biological Sciences by Lauren Stieglitz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted. It is an more… »

  • The Sales Process Using OER
    by Christopher Rowe (@ChristopherRowe)

    One of the subjects I teach is media sales.  I’ve been looking for another way to present the sales process, so this was a good opportunity to look for some new resources on that subject. It was a little more difficult to find information in an open textbook than I was expecting, but I did more… »

  • Find Your Fit – Adler
    by amy taylor (@amytaylor)

    I teach psychotherapy frameworks and thought this would be so cool to create a OER or pull together some OER’s on Adler. I think initially I was thinking too big for this task. Each framework has so many pieces of information on it, but I only have time to pull the basics.  So I thought more… »

  • Hair loss OERs
    by Stephanie Jones (@Sjones)

    I am going to be teaching about hair loss next term.  In the hairstyling course I find a lot of OERs to be dead ends with broken links.  It was nice to have this list of link to provide more places to look. I found MIT almost useless for my topics as it had to more… »

  • Find Your Fit – Process Capability
    by Maria Wesolowski (@mpweso)

    For this activity I searched for a video on process capability, a concept that I will be teaching in a few weeks.  I wanted to add some variation in the material delivery by adding a trusted and complete resource to the lesson.  After searching all repositories, I found this video, through the Merlot website, explaining more… »

  • Business Writing
    by jessica srivastava (@Jessica)

    I teach communications into a post graduate Project Management program. The classes are generally 100% internationals.The first few weeks of semester we focus on academic writing which is a huge challenge usually for the students and then we transition to business writing. There are two main issues here: a. Moving from the slog of APA more… »

  • Culture and Perspectives- Ashley Wannamaker
    by Ashley Wannamaker (@awannamaker)   This is a micro lesson on “What is culture?” I think that this would be beneficial as an introductory assignment for students in my Cultural anthropology course. It will give students a base of information to move into our deeper discussions. In the course, we discuss the various definitions and elements that make more… »

  • Exploring the Human Urinary System
    by Caryn Fahey (@cfahey)

    One of my favourite courses to teach is our Human Biology course in the Pre-Health program. Students love learning more about topics that apply to their educational goals and career aspirations. One of the topics that the students struggle with the most is the Urinary system. I always try to explore new ways of introducing more… »

  • Visual Learning
    by Elan Paulson (@Elan Paulson)

    Visible Thinking Routines (MERLOT). This resource provides ways to connect with students through visible content and establishing routines. Useful for building visual thinking modules. Sound Facilitates Visual Learning (CORE). This study shares findings of multisensory audiovisual training, and concludes that learning is faster than unisensory visual training. There may be other useful articles more… »

  • Find Your Fit: Excel Resources
    by Pamela LeBrun (@PamLeBrun)

    I explored all the listed repositories thoroughly to try to find resources for helping my students learn Excel in a more fun and interactive way. As well I wanted to provide extra support to those students who require practice or other methods of learning. Most of the repositories really didn’t have what I needed as more… »

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