There are many ways to search for Open Educational Resources. A great place to start your search might be by using a referatory. A referatory is a search that simply links out to content hosted elsewhere while repositories host file(s). Referatories may have broader reach, and you may find the same OER in a referatory and a repository. There are two main referatories for finding OER:  


General Repositories 

Discipline Specific Repositories 


Take some time and explore the referatories and repositories listed to find resources that are connected to your course content or interests.

  • Try out the search strategies you’ve practiced. Rather than just using your normal vocabulary, consider synonyms and terms other educators and experts may have used. Feel free to jot down your search strategies. HINT: A mind map is a great tool to plot your search and ensure you cover all the bases.
  • Pay close attention to which of the referatories and repositories have advanced search capabilities, and explore how you might optimize those capabilities.
  • Once you have spent some time exploring the resources, curate three (or more) OERs to support learners’ understanding of an element or concept for a course.
  • Add a response to this activity by listing the OERs that you found, including their web address, and how each one would support learners’ understanding of an element or concept for a course (use the link for the best one in the example entry field for the response).

This activity is part of the Spotlight on Repositories section of the Curator Module.

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95 Responses for this Activity

  • False Memory
    by Lynne Kennette (@LynneKennette)

    I chose to curate content related to the psychology topic of memory. I really liked ASIS- I found it easy to use and liked that it included the license in the search items it returned. In aligning my curation with UDL, I include below multiple means of representation of essentially the same information: This TED more… »

  • Total Hip Replacement Resources
    by Rachel Boorsma (@Rachel Boorsma)

    Case Study: Hip Joint Replacement (Wisc-Online) – found via OASIS Brings the student through a case study of a total hip replacement, as well as different adaptive equipment and different types of hip replacements. This would be great for my students as it relates itself well to what they would need to think about more… »

  • Skin
    by Lori Strauss (@lstrauss) Skin and the Integumentary System – Wisc-Online OER Granted it showed the information but I wasn’t really impressed. We were told that this was an optional tool to use for our assignments. It was good to see the pictures, but other than that, I was thinking it might have some questions to see more… »

  • Student Success Resources
    by Kim Falcigno (@kfalcigno)

    Looked for resources/open textbooks to use in a new College Access program being developed. Deliberately sought out Canadian publications,  though only located one from BC. Specific courses being developed will draw chapters from these resources. Find Open Textbooks – BCcampus OpenEd Resources Book: Blueprint for Success in College – Indispensable Study Skills and Time Management more… »

  • Find Your Fit
    by Ivan Chow (@chowivan)

    I was introducing the concept of phonetics and how sounds relate to the different International Phonetic symbols. I used the CC search engine and was able to find the following media files: an OER image of the vowels (web location entered) an OER audio file with an introduction and demonstration of the US English vowel more… »

  • Find Your Fit – Stages of Team Development
    by Rob Harrison (@Rob H)

    I decided to curate resources related to a topic that I am revising at the moment, Tuckman’s Stages of Team Development. I have identified a number of resources of different types that I think will benefit my students in understanding this topic. Image – This image provides an effective summary of Tuckman’s Stages of Team more… »

  • Finding the fit for my students
    by Angèle Gaudette (@angnails)

    Activity: Find your fit This resource provides checklists, which are useful creating course content to integrate in the college’s LMS. They will be useful to ensure things like having all the boxes checked for accessibility and UDL. This resource provides ‘Jeopardy Game PowerPoint Templates.’ These are useful to solidify learners retention of terminology in more… »

  • Essay Outlines and Thesis Statements
    by Cynthia Gordon (@cynthia.gordon)

    Writing a thesis statement can be a challenge for upgrading students.  Often they write a topic statement and not a thesis I searched a number of databases and found these were the most helpful Oasis, Mason OER Metafinder, and E-Campus Ontario H5P Studio. I started searching the term “thesis” but that returned items related to more… »

  • Find Your Fit – OER Referatories and repositories
    by Ashley Priest (@APriestGC)

    For this activity, I wanted to find OERs related to online and/or hyflex teaching and learning. The term “hyflex” did not return any results in the OASIS referatory, and just a couple of results in the Mason OER referatory. This isn’t that surprising since hyflex is relatively new compared to online. When I searched for more… »

  • Find your Fit
    by Carrie Mallon (@carriemallon) This activity is an English grammar learning activity created by Ruohan Li, who is a student at Western University.  This activity foucses around verb tense in English. Item This etextbook is about Semantic and Pragmatics, so another useful addition to a Communications course. This is a learning activity involving verbs as well.

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