There are many ways to search for Open Educational Resources. A great place to start your search might be by using a referatory. A referatory is a search that simply links out to content hosted elsewhere while repositories host file(s). Referatories may have broader reach, and you may find the same OER in a referatory and a repository. There are two main referatories for finding OER:  


General Repositories 

Discipline Specific Repositories 


Take some time and explore the referatories and repositories listed to find resources that are connected to your course content or interests.

  • Try out the search strategies you’ve practiced. Rather than just using your normal vocabulary, consider synonyms and terms other educators and experts may have used. Feel free to jot down your search strategies. HINT: A mind map is a great tool to plot your search and ensure you cover all the bases.
  • Pay close attention to which of the referatories and repositories have advanced search capabilities, and explore how you might optimize those capabilities.
  • Once you have spent some time exploring the resources, curate three (or more) OERs to support learners’ understanding of an element or concept for a course.
  • Add a response to this activity by listing the OERs that you found, including their web address, and how each one would support learners’ understanding of an element or concept for a course (use the link for the best one in the example entry field for the response).

This activity is part of the Spotlight on Repositories section of the Curator Module.

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89 Responses for this Activity

  • Finding the fit for my students
    by Angèle Gaudette (@angnails)

    Activity: Find your fit This resource provides checklists, which are useful creating course content to integrate in the college’s LMS. They will be useful to ensure things like having all the boxes checked for accessibility and UDL. This resource provides ‘Jeopardy Game PowerPoint Templates.’ These are useful to solidify learners retention of terminology in more… »

  • Essay Outlines and Thesis Statements
    by Cynthia Gordon (@cynthia.gordon)

    Writing a thesis statement can be a challenge for upgrading students.  Often they write a topic statement and not a thesis I searched a number of databases and found these were the most helpful Oasis, Mason OER Metafinder, and E-Campus Ontario H5P Studio. I started searching the term “thesis” but that returned items related to more… »

  • Find Your Fit – OER Referatories and repositories
    by Ashley Priest (@APriestGC)

    For this activity, I wanted to find OERs related to online and/or hyflex teaching and learning. The term “hyflex” did not return any results in the OASIS referatory, and just a couple of results in the Mason OER referatory. This isn’t that surprising since hyflex is relatively new compared to online. When I searched for more… »

  • Find your Fit
    by Carrie Mallon (@carriemallon) This activity is an English grammar learning activity created by Ruohan Li, who is a student at Western University.  This activity foucses around verb tense in English. Item This etextbook is about Semantic and Pragmatics, so another useful addition to a Communications course. This is a learning activity involving verbs as well.

  • Find Your Fit
    by Brian Percheson (@bpercheson)

    I have curated the three following OER’s: a) OASIS (Openly Available Sources Integrated Search) – I really like it as a course instructor for adult education because there is are so many open-source textbooks and modules. So many of our students find it difficult to buy expensive textbooks; OASIS is super great. b) The more… »

  • Find Your Fit – Digital Teaching / Learning
    by Angie Covey (@acovey)

    I fell in a rabbit hole with this one. It took me a lot longer than I think it should have. I am extremely interested in digital learning, different learning strategies, learning styles, as well as digital learning tools.  Keeping students on track and engaged in the topic while studying online can be a big more… »

  • Find Your Fit Activity
    by Rochelle Hughes (@Rochelle)

    A key topic in the course I teach, Goals and Motivation, is goal setting. We look at SMART goal setting in-depth and I was happy to find an activity that will help students set goals as well as one that explains SMART goal setting in detail. Another video resource focuses on OKRs but I like more… »

  • Ontario Extend – Curator – Find Your Fit
    by Patrick Hymus (@phymus)

    This was a challenging activity. Despite the initial warning, I found myself down a rabbit hole on multiple occasions. While the quantity and quality of OER may be improving, it is tempting to fall back on traditional methods and resources. Especially when searching for niche content or for a specific audience.

  • Business Analysts as Active Listeners
    by Jessica Joy (

    A key responsibility of a Business Analyst in systems design is to gather requirements information from users. One technique used to gather this information is conducting elicitation interviews or workshops, both of which require the Business Analyst to exercise several soft skills including facilitation, interpersonal skills and active listening. The exploration of the available OER more… »

  • Social Justice: Equity and Diversity Course OERs
    by Carlie Forsythe (@cforsythe)

    In my role at a college academic library, I get to help faculty find OERs (and other open access and/or library resources) to use in their courses. One particular faculty member requested sources for their Social Justice: Equity and Diversity course – a broad subject. The faculty member listed four learning outcomes for their course. more… »

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