Getting animated to grab attention

A response to the Come In, Come In! Activity
created by Julie White (@JulieSLC)

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I’ve just started playing with Voki – an interesting tool to record videos. The first will be one that I post on our program Facebook page. I know the character doesn’t necessarily look much like me – it’s missing the cheater glasses and they didn’t have faces that were quite round enough – and when you start to add “experience” (age) to the face, it simply becomes gaunt. Oh well…. it IS my voice anyway!

This may be a fun way to introduce weekly activities in our Online Learning Platform environment. I may test this in one of my classes this fall. I wouldn’t want to use this for synchronous learning in any way, but it may add a more consistent feel to asynchronous activity.

I would like to provide a transcript with this as well for those who may have trouble understanding spoken word (particularly given lip reading is virtually impossible).

As a side note – the outtakes of the recording are pretty funny!

Example for "Getting animated to grab attention":

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