GUI Literacy Thresholds – Final Clip Sample

A response to the It’s Alive! Activity
created by Simon Moll (@smoll)

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I used an AI video clip generator called to draft a sample of an instructional clip. It compiled useful text, images, and tunes into a two minute clip to accompany my learning challenges of shifting between windows or tabs. See the link to discover what was created from the prompt: Make a video about “how to change use alt-tab command to change windows and improve your digital literacy by working intentionally between several windows”

A prompt from ChatGPT describing the learner challenge also provided clip script feedback which was fed into Kapwing:

“write a video script to address the following learner challenge: Learner Challenge: “ALT-TAB / Command-TAB” Users sensory tracking across multiple windows is confounded by their limited conceptual knowledge of “graphic user interface” GUI. What are threshold concepts for developing agency within users’ co-created taxonomies of visual feedback? Why is “alt-tab” a threshold skill?”

Example for "GUI Literacy Thresholds – Final Clip Sample":

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