H5P as Technology – Enabled Solution

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Initially I determined that instructors were having difficulty engaging students with their coursework and learning objectives when conducting virtual classes. I used an empathy map to determine the needs of the instructor. It identified the need to create fun and engaging material that students can digest in a timely/self-paced way.  I determined that some instructors may use the technology for reinforcement purposes or as a graded component when determining overall participation.

I then defined the challenge by paraphrasing the identified feedback from the empathy map. This then later led to us choosing H5P technology as a potential candidate due its support and versatility. We were also trying to keep the solution within Moodle to reduce the dependency on 3rd parties for support.

Using the SECTIONS model, I mapped out the ease of use, feasibility and functionality . I determined that H5P was fit for use and refined my learner challenge. Moving onto prototyping I came up with use cases, tested these used cases and cross referenced my vision of having something that was easy to implement, maintain and scale while also addressing the challenge of creating engagement content to boost student participation.

Finally, I used the feedback grid to ascertain the merits of my porotype and vision and to further refine a solution that best met the stakeholder needs. I determined potential barriers to using the technology with possible alternatives.

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