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For my Padlet submission, I did Decontamination in the Spa.  Esthetic resources are quite difficult to find and the only resource that seems to be geared for the Esthetics industry is the Milady Standard text.  In order to delve deeper into the subject, I find that it is necessary to look into other fields and work the research into my courses.

Decontamination is a critical aspect of our industry.  Understanding what it means and how to use the 3 varying aspects of decontamination need to be followed in order to maintain a safe environment for ourselves, the workers, and our clients.

I would love to have other Esthetics recourses, but until that happens, finding other sites to pull from isn’t difficult.

I was very happy with the suggested sites and was impressed with the repositories and how easy they were to navigate.  I am grateful that this module came out when it did – with more and more of our courses going to a remote delivery method, it has given me a greater understanding of OER’s and wonderful resources for my future course materials.


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