Complete the Assessing Online Resources Using CRAAP assessment activity and consider what other questions or rubrics you might use to supplement your evaluation.

  1. Is there key information missing from the CRAAP test?
  2. Do you prefer a different evaluation rubric?
  3. If, after completing the CRAAP test, you would not recommend your resource, try to find another one to replace it.

To Do:

Part 1

  1. Complete the Assessing Online Resources Using CRAAP assessment activity below for the one resource that you chose for your contribution you used for the Curation Creation activity
  2. After you click the next button (>), save your assessment. Click “Create document” to download a copy.

Part 2

  1. Return to the collaborative padlet and scroll to the far right to find your column that you did for the Curation Creation activtity, click the “Add Comment” below your entry.
  2. Include an explanation of how you would use this resource in your course.
  3. Review some of the other contributions in the collaborative padlet and add comments to those curated creations.
  4. As evidence of your work, upload a screenshot of your completed column from the collaborative padlet AND attach your completed CRAAP assessment in your response to the Holy CRAAP! activity (Note: It may not be possible to fit your entire column in one screenshot; you can combine multiple screenshots into a single image or insert into a document.)
  5. After you make your submission, save the web address to your response (found in the green confirmation box) so you can use it later for your badge submission form.



This activity is part of the Assessing OER section of the Curator Module.

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104 Responses for this Activity

  • Holy CRAAP Activity
    by Lauren Cripps (@LCripps)

    CRAAP Test Resource Title: Universal Design for Learning: A Practical Guide Resource URL: Currency: The timeliness of the information:           When was the resource published or posted?         Has the resource been revised or updated?        Does your topic require current information?         Are the links functional? Published in 2020 Links fully functional Resources more… »

  • Holy CRAAP
    by Megan Anderson (@manderson)


  • Manual Medicine
    by Chadwick Rawana (@ChadR)

    I found the link for Manual Medicine and thought that it could be useful to student who wanted more information to add to this weeks lesson on Healthcare Practitioners.

  • Comment
    by Chadwick Rawana (@ChadR)

    I have used linked to this URL within my course for the learner who would like to know more.

  • Holy CRAAP!
    by Jenn Harren (@j_harren)

    Attaching the picture from the padlet I added to, Jenn

  • Holy CRAAP!
    by Jenn Harren (@j_harren)

    This was helpful to go through.  It allowed me to give more in-depth thought to the resources I use and for future, to run through this “test” with resources and hopefully provide a more well-rounded selection of materials to students in my classes. Currency: The timeliness of the information. Recorded in Nov 2020 – very more… »

  • CRAAP Test
    by Valerie Watts (@vwatts)

    The OER resource I have chosen is an introductory business statistics textbook.  As is, the textbook is adequate for my needs.  However, the textbook focuses primarily on manual, by-hand calculations, many of which are time-consuming to complete and do not reflect how students would perform such calculations or other statistical analysis in a real-world situation. more… »

  • Resource Evaluation for PM 101
    by Victoria Workman (@Victoria Workman)

    I vaguely knew of the CRAAP text previously, but studied it in more depth this past year.  I was so pleased to have a deeper review of this tool during the Curator module.  I chose to evaluate an OER open textbook resource using the CRAAP test.  I found CRAAP to be incredibly helpful for this more… »

    by Caitlin Cull (@ccull)


  • Holy CRAAP
    by Sheryl Third (@Sheryl)

      Attached is my CRAAP test

    2 Resources for this Activity

    • Craap test
      shared by Chadwick Rawana (@ChadR)

      I have attached the Craap test here. The link I have provided for students seems to fit well according to the test.

    • The CRAAP Test ((Meriam Library, CSU Chico))
      shared by Alan Levine (@cogdogblog)

      This Libguide includes an explanation of each element of the CRAAP Test, from the place where it was originally developed.

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