Apply the Assessing Online Resources Using CRAAP assessment to one resource that you chose for your contribution to the shared Curation as Creation | Creation as Curation Padlet used in the Curation Creation activity.  Save your assessment. Click “Create document” to download a copy.

As you complete the assessment consider what other questions or rubrics you might use to supplement your evaluation? Is there key information missing from the CRAAP test? Do you prefer a different evaluation rubric? If, after completing the CRAAP test, you would not recommend your resource, try to find another one to replace it

Once you have deemed your resource worthy, annotate it using “Add Comment” in the collaborative padlet to include an explanation of how you would use this resource in your course. Review some of the other contributions in the collaborative padlet and add comments to those curated creations.

Then comment on the resource that you have chosen for your contribution, share it with your colleagues, and reflect more deeply on the ways that you will use the resource in your course or context and what you might curate. Include a summary reflection in your response to this activity.

As evidence of your work, upload a screenshot of your completed column from the collaborative padlet and attach your completed CRAAP assessment in your response to the Holy CRAAP! activity Note: It may not be possible to fit your entire column in one screenshot; you can combine multiple screenshots into a single image or insert into a document.

As evidence of completion, please plan to enter the web address for your response in the Curator badge submission form.

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60 Responses for this Activity

  • Holy CRAAP! activity
    by Lori Hallahan (@lhallahan)

    The attached files include the CRAAP test along with the images of my contribution to the padlet, the OER resources I shared along with comments I made on other posts.

  • Christopher’s CRAAP
    by Christopher Rowe (@ChristopherRowe)

    This was a good exercise and a good habit to get into with all resources associated with a course.  I was just having a conversation with a colleague about about the benefit of OER and the ability for students to adapt it on an ongoing basis.  I think the best takeaway from that exercise would more… »

    by amy taylor (@amytaylor)

    I really enjoyed using the craap test for these resources. This was a new course that I had to develop in the throws of moving online, so my resources are newer and have been currently looked at. Therefore, many did pass the CRAAP test in that the process was recent in gathering these resources.  However, more… »

  • Process Capability Ratios
    by Maria Wesolowski (@mpweso)

    This resource didn’t pass the CRAAP test. The element that failed was the Accuracy, which was not a surprise to me. The video has several errors which will need to be revised to avoid confusion of the topic. I will try to work with library services to discuss options to correct the video. I was more… »

  • Woohoo – Passed the CRAAP Test!
    by Shelley Clifford (@Shelley Clifford)

    So I have to admit – when I was going through the CRAAP test – I was kinda surprised that it was exactly what I had been doing initially going through the repositories and doing my research. I didn’t realize that the skillset that I was using was actually the CRAAP test (which I will more… »

  • Holy CRAAP Activity
    by jessica srivastava (@Jessica)

    I was looking for activities and ideas to enhance my online teaching for an out of country class related to Business Writing. It is often a struggle to get the students talking so I really liked this exercise. I have already used it in my class this week and added a second component where the more… »

  • Holy CRAAP activity
    by Brittany Munro (@BMunro)

    Please see the attached document for more information

  • Holy CRAAP Activity- Ashley Wannamaker
    by Ashley Wannamaker (@awannamaker)

    See attached images.

  • Holy CRAAP! Activity
    by Andrea Rose (@Andrea)

    For my Padlet submission, I did Decontamination in the Spa.  Esthetic resources are quite difficult to find and the only resource that seems to be geared for the Esthetics industry is the Milady Standard text.  In order to delve deeper into the subject, I find that it is necessary to look into other fields and more… »

  • Holy CRAAP review of Urinary System Resources
    by Caryn Fahey (@cfahey)

    I chose the topic of Urinary system for my OER to share on the Padlet. The resources that I found are very helpful and could help to act as in-class activities to supplement the content learning in the course. These types of activities can help me to further “flip” my classroom and allow the students more… »

    1 Resource for this Activity

    • The CRAAP Test ((Meriam Library, CSU Chico))
      shared by Alan Levine (@cogdogblog)

      This Libguide includes an explanation of each element of the CRAAP Test, from the place where it was originally developed.

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    This work by Ontario Extend is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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